A good divorce will do that

390 Round Hill

Former Met Bobby Bonilla originally listed this place for $7.5 million and later dropped it to $6.995. Today he lopped off another million, so all four acres, with pool and house, are yours for $5.995. It’s a nice house. Assessment is $3.713, so it might be worth testing just how eager Mr. B is to finalize his divorce.


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3 responses to “A good divorce will do that

  1. it's just a house

    why do we put millions of dollar on some wood and plot of land. i think a fair price here is below assessor. let us get real.

  2. anon

    Judging by the photos of this place in Zillow, the construction quality is pretty basic – decent, but not extravagant. I would value this at land value plus $1mm ($250 sq ft x 8,000)… So maybe $4mm sounds fair

  3. angry fred

    its not even worth the assesment