Chump change

A fool and his money

Russian billionaire paid $95 million to the Donald for this ugly house, and now his wife wants her half. Trouble is, it’s worth maybe half of what the idiot bought it for.


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6 responses to “Chump change

  1. Inagua

    Speaking of half price, a Santa Barbara place on the sand just went for precisely half of its 2007 asking price — $16-1/4 million versus $32-1/2 million.

  2. Cos Cobber

    CF, feel free to write a spoof listing for this ‘mall by the sea’ featuring zero pesky landscaping and copious mall-like atriums.

    It might be a fun.

  3. EOS

    One of our kids lived in Santa Barbara for four years and we thought it was the prettiest place on the planet. Except for the year the wildfires were so bad they went up into Montecito (Oprah country). It’s wicked expensive but my oh my, if anyone out there hasn’t been, GO. Inagua, you know SB that you mentioned this sale?

  4. EOS

    OT: while out, I picked up September issue of Greenwich Magazine. The article which caught my eye and the reason for the purchase: Belle Haven, How it All Began. Amazing photos of old homes, real estate ads from turn of century….like a stunner for $10,000. I’d love to know what houses still stand, and if any of those is on the market today, etc.

    Also, article called ‘How Good is Our High School’. Relevant to a recent FWIW thread that elicited over 50 responses.

  5. Inagua


    I live in Montecito.

  6. EOS


    You lucky duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous.