I’d vote for her, maybe

Christine O'Donnel

A Tea Party candidate giving fits to the GOP  in Delaware . Almost lost her house to foreclosure, has an IRS lien filed against her – who can’t identify with that?


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9 responses to “I’d vote for her, maybe

  1. EOS

    Either I’m crossing over to being in LLS camp or you are becoming way too conservative. THIS is the election I alluded to yesterday. Mike Castle has been around a very long time, a middle-of-the-road Republican. He’s done very well by Delawareans (and I know about which I speak). Christine doesn’t know her a** from her elbow in terms of politics and I’m scared she will win. I was floored to learn rock-star Governor Christie endorsed her. My mother (a registered Republican and Delawarean) got a recorded call from Pat Boone asking for a vote for Christine. I go back to my original worry: that the Tea Party doesn’t stop to think seriously about the candidate’s long-term viability. In this instance, if O’Donnel does win, the Democrat, Chris Coons, has a greater chance of winning the seat as Delaware is historically Democrat (with the exception of where my mother lives, a Wilmington suburb). And if the entire point is to replace a Democrat with a Republican, then why the he** take out a good guy like Mike Castle? It makes NO sense.

  2. boredatwork

    Kind of depends on why she has had these difficulties, doesn’t it? Fiscal responsibility is an admirable (and rare, these days) trait for an individual as well as a government, no?
    Also, an endorsement from Sarah Palin is a reason not to vote for someone, in my simplistic book.

  3. Stump

    She has a lot of baggage. Solid conservative blogs like Powerline and Patterico have covered it and have strong reservations about O’Donnell.

  4. Inagua

    “I was floored to learn rock-star Governor Christie endorsed her.”

    You are misinformed.

  5. EOS

    Inagua: I stand corrected. I feel much better. Thanks for the info. Phew.

  6. Jimbo

    No, EOS, the entire point is NOT to replace a Democrat with a Republican. The entire point is to elect believers in small government who haven’t caught the politicians power bug.

  7. Anon

    This no-nothing, financial deadbeat, social ignoramus (viewing porn is cheating on your spouse, abstinence works) is clearly not qualified for office just like her chief endorser, Sarah Palin.

  8. Inagua


    O’Donnell is an embarrassment, but she would be a reliable vote against Cap and Trade, which Castle supported. The most important thing about an elected official is the few really big votes that matter like TARP, the Stimulus, ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, etc.

  9. Anon


    I agree regarding positions on big issues, I just do not think she can win the general and, therefore, a seat is sacrificed to a democrat worse than Castle.