It’s a new market

39 Doubling Rd

David Ogilvy unloaded this place (an Ogilvy listing) on his client for full asking price, $6.250 in 2007 – just 12 days on the market.Three years on, it was put back up for sale (by brother Gideon and George Crossman, both of Cleveland, Duble and Arnold) for $5.999 and today it was cut to $5.495. You can almost hear David snickering, all the way from St. Bart’s.

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One response to “It’s a new market

  1. Bobbi Eggers

    That is my house you wrote about and I absolutely love it and “had to have it.” No one held a gun to my head. On the contrary. David was extremely generous and a great friend to us during a very difficult sale. And in case you haven’t noticed, the market has changed since we bought it. I thought that was a cruel and unfair editorial that you wrote about us, who have been active in the Greenwich community for 20 plus years. You might not like David, but I think it was a horrible thing to throw mud at me, especially when it’s your brother’s listing and it is HE who is advising us on the price. Bobbi Eggers