Keeping an eye on Perryridge

18 Perryridege (clouds supplied by realtor)

I’ve mentioned this spec house before. The developer paid $1.325 back in the gold rush days, tore down the existing house and build anew, bringing this one to market at $4.650 million. Today he’s dropped it to $4. 295 which, to me, still seems way too steep for Perryridge. Ed Krumeich lives on that street, for heaven’s sake! Who would pay this kind of money to live with a Demmerkrat and ambulance sirens?


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9 responses to “Keeping an eye on Perryridge

  1. Gideon Fountain

    Krumeich lives next door, for gawrsh sakes!
    And by the way, in my experience of living in this vicinity for the last 10 years or so, ambulances do not use Perryridge Road. But even if they did, so what? Has the noise of fire trucks driven down the price of ultra high-end houses and condos on Mason Street and Milbank Ave? No.

  2. Patrick

    Does anyone have a clue how he got 5,300sf on a .18ac lot? If it’s an r-12 zone, allowance is 2400sf. If it’s an r-7 zone then maybe 2800. Even if you include the basement at say 1200-1500sf it stil doesn’t get you to 5300

  3. Not too much for CEO Corvino

    Greenwich Hospital salary for CEO Corvino is 1.2 million a year. He could buy it and move his administration there. His staff, including that Chief of Medical Staff Bruce Molenellio, could continue sleeping there while on the job.

  4. Cos Cobber

    To whom ever has a problem with Corvino. Tell us how Corvino’s salary measure’s against the statewide average and the NYC average for hospital CEOs.

    The Greenwich hospital is very successful at fund raising. I would suspect Corvino’s salary reflect’s their above average performance on fundraising.

  5. angry fred

    If these numbers are correct then ….. -How the fuck did this guy get 5300sq ft. in a .18 ac lot.!!….With ED KRUMEICH just next door. Isnt Ed a selectman or somthing?

    Everybody in Town should be screaming about this.!!!

  6. Cos Cobber

    All your donations go into the pockets of lazy good for nothing administrators like Corvino, Moleanelli, and others who have been their toooo long. We never needed a big hotel hospital. The old was just fine. Dr. Moleinellio has to check out his doctors. We had bad doctors, but this generation is horrible. Talk to the 77 people who lost jobs recently so Corvino et al can party on at stupid fundraisers attended by people like Noel.

  7. Screwed Up Hospital CEO Salary

    I agree that hospital administrators (like Red Cross administrators) seem to tie salary to fund raising giving them astronomical salaries (money better put directly to patients and disaster victims).