Some bargains are emerging

8 Wyckham

Reduced from an original asking price of $5 million to, today, $2.999. That’s its assessed value which, I remind you, is supposed to be 70% of its 2005 market value. I much prefer the house next door, but that was taken off the market after failing to find a buyer in the high $5’s (I think it was well worth at least that much, but I’m not the market). Anyway, this one, 10,000 sq. feet, is looking pretty good.

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  1. A Biased Listing Agent

    No one has ever accused you of not recognizing a bargain when you see one (notwithstanding the fact that you have been accused of a multitude of high crimes and misdemeanors). As for the Merritt, you told me of a client of yours who was interested in a house in Backcountry, but told you it was “too far.” After the price was lowered by a million, you suggested he take another look, and he ultimately bought it. So, at the original price it was “too far.” At a million less it wasn’t. I think the same principle applies here.