Someone still has money

80 Lower Cross

15,000 sq. ft. of builder stuff, asked $17 million in ’09, dropped to $15 million and now has a contract. Whatever.


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5 responses to “Someone still has money

  1. James Cameron

    You have been quite harsh on him in the past, but I believe this is a Greg Silver spec house. If I remember, you panned his North Street digs. Seems the high-end spec market isn’t as dead as you seem to think.

    • No James, I think Greg Silver makes a fine house – if I was harsh on his North Street property it was because of the noise from the road; the house itself is quite nice, if far too large for my taste, but my taste is irrelevant. Greg built a beautiful house on Wooddale that he sold this summer for $8 +, and I thought it was worth every penny. He does a good job.

  2. Cos Cobber

    maybe there is a helicopter out back of the house.

  3. No worries mate

    Isn’t “whatever” the Ukrainian word for, “I’m so frickin’ jealous I can’t stand it”?

  4. fred in sedona

    Smooth sailing ahead……as long as greenwich maintains its image as a bedroom community for Goldman Sachs.