Someone’s hurting

443 North Street

Back in the glory days, this one-acre parcel was listed for $1.895 million. It’s now going as a short sale for $800,00, which might almost be worth it. Assessment is in the $9’s.


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7 responses to “Someone’s hurting

  1. Gideon Fountain

    It sold for $1,115,000 back in 2007, so depending on what percentage “land” has come down by since then, it ought to sell for ask or high 7’s? (land listings have been hurt most because many of the builder-bidders are gone).

    P.S. You know who oughtta buy this? Sam Bridge Nurseries. They’ve got plenty of land already but this would give them an easier entry/exit off North Street and a bit more street presence.

  2. Gideon Fountain

    (Naturally, I already alerted them BEFORE mentioning it publicly….)

  3. G'wich Transplant

    What’s wrong with the land (seems cheap for an acre in mid-country)?

  4. Inagua

    “I’m telling you, deals are emerging.”

    They always do at a market bottom.

  5. angry fred

    pick up this lot and hire the builder from 18 Perryridge…. you can slap a 27,000sq ft house down. Anybody bitch’s show em a cut out of 18 perryridge and tell em you know ed the k.