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One advantage to being poor: I don’t own a home in Bermuda

Igor heading its way.


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A softer version of the Chesire/Petit murder trial

From the New York Times. In a way, it explains the police force’s tardiness – who could imagine such horrendous acts? Normal people just don’t think like these two guys. Fry ’em.


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Known this all along: Yankee fans are perverts and criminals

Says so right here in the New York Times. Red Sox fans, on the other hand, are sober, right-standing citizens. Take my word for it.

Mugger, criminal!


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Here’s a fascinating story

From InstaPundit, of course

HMM: Sunspots could soon disappear for decades: study. “Sunspot formation is triggered by a magnetic field, which scientists say is steadily declining. They predict that by 2016 there may be no remaining sunspots, and the sun may stay spotless for several decades. The last time the sunspots disappeared altogether was in the 17th and 18th century, and coincided with a lengthy cool period on the planet known as the Little Ice Age.” I don’t like cold weather.


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The New York Post gets this story right

“Podunk” police dawdled for thirty minutes while family was killed. I commented yesterday on the thirty minute delay between the time the Chesire police were alerted to the Petit family’s horror and their arrival, but it turns out the cops did get there in plenty of time to save the women, but set about “establishing a perimeter”, whatever the hell that means, for a full half-hour. During which time, or course, the mother and her two young daughters were raped one final time, strangled, and burned to death. Good Lord. The police captain in charge says he was following strict state protocol for hostage situations. Maybe that protocol should be reviewed.


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Have you ever seen the air when approaching NYC by plane?

New York City wants to ban smoking in Central Park. There are lunatics afoot and unfortunately, many of them are on the City Council.


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The tea party’s a women’s movement!

Or so this poll claims. It makes sense to me – I’ve always said the Republicans were writing off a huge body of voters by being anti-abortion. Tea party candidates tend to be fiscally conservative and neutral – libertarian on the so-called social morality issues. Turns out, that appeals to number of bright, angry women. I will happily stand aside and let them lead.

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