A downside to medical tourism

Drug-resistant bug appears in three states and Canada.

In the world of infectious diseases there is a new bacterial strain causing concern and alarm in the medical community. This strain of bacteria is resistant to the majority of available antibiotics and has infected people in three states as well as Canada. The bacterium has infected people globally, according to health officials. The culprit is a rogue gene that causes the bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics.

The cases reported in the United States and Canada share one particular detail in common, each infected individual had received medical care in India. This resistant strain of bacteria is widespread in that country. There is no information as of yet, regarding the number of deaths attributed to this super-bug and the gene responsible for the drug resistant bug is mostly found in bacteria associated with stomach or urinary tract infections. Numerous cases have been reported in England.

Disease specialists have been dreading this day, the day conventional antibiotics fail to do their job.


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6 responses to “A downside to medical tourism

  1. just_looking

    another strain of Unintended Consequences.

  2. Cobra

    My internist’s office (and residence) is in Cos Cob. Should I be concerned?

  3. Anonymous

    All doctors and hospitals aren’t created equal in US, let alone in Third World or Europe

    Figure out where smart rich folks from anywhere in world travel for their healthcare

  4. linda

    How could one possibly work up the nerve to have a medical procedure done in India?

  5. 1. India has come to us.

    2. Cuba is better.

    3. Cuban and Indian Doctors staff the world.

    Yes, that was a pun.