A softer version of the Chesire/Petit murder trial

From the New York Times. In a way, it explains the police force’s tardiness – who could imagine such horrendous acts? Normal people just don’t think like these two guys. Fry ’em.


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4 responses to “A softer version of the Chesire/Petit murder trial

  1. just_looking

    If the police had intervened sooner and with the proper force there might not be any need for the time and expense of a trial, although I fear that the police would then be on trial, since the outcome would have been different.

    So, yes, I hardly see a need for a trial since “defense” can only consist of excuses and possible missteps which should hardly change the outcome.

    I say let the surviving father put the bullet into each of these guys head unless he chooses not to.

  2. are you kidding me?

    I just listened to the 911 call placed from the bank while Mrs. Petit was still in the lobby. After 4 minutes, the officer told the caller he was sending a detective TO THE BANK, in spite of being told repeatedly that the family was being held hostage at the home.

  3. Jimbo

    So you feel the police should rush to aid a family only if the situation is perfectly well explained in advance, without any “confusing” aspects?

    • Absolutely not, Jimbo, I was just trying to understand why the Chesire police screwed things up so badly, and the explanation I came up with is that they couldn’t get their minds around such an evil, horrid act. GPD Folks had the answer I was hoping for: they’ll come in through the door, the window or the walls – no waiting.