Here’s a depressing bit of news for home owners

But not buyers. Bloomberg quotes “experts” who think prices will fall another 5-10% and then stick there for three years as the shadow inventory is absorbed.


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4 responses to “Here’s a depressing bit of news for home owners

  1. out looking in

    That’s about where I am at as well (national average -5/-10%) – but some markets will not go down any more and markets like Vegas, Phoenix and Miami still have a ways to go…

  2. No worries mate

    I have yet to hear of her complaining, only the US media. She’s hot. She knows it. Sex sells. Next.

  3. My rant

    When you look at the supply of high-end homes vs. sales in New Canaan, Darien and Greenwich it couldn’t be more clear that prices are going lower.

    In New Canaan there are 45 listings at or above $4,000,000 and exactly “zero” pending.

    Sellers just can’t face reality!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. atticus

    How are the home sales going in the land Silver Hill sold off a few years ago? I remember you had a post awhile back detailing some creative pricing history goin on there in “the last station to heaven”.