Malloy vs. Foley

Malloy ahead by nine points. I wonder if I’m the only voter who doesn’t read the local paper or watch TV. If I’m not, how do these candidates reach us, or are we so insignificant in numbers (entirely probable) that it doesn’t matter? I have received no information about either candidate, but how could they reach me? Beats me – I’m just curious about how many other voters are off the grid.


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  1. Anonymous

    same here.

    no Greenwich Time.
    no TV – we taught the kids that TV makes you stupid, so it’s rarely on.

    but we do read FWIW!

    independent, so no party mailings, only the most generic junk or the blanket mailings.

    we’re pretty well resigned to the fact that no one cares what we think or what we want. they just want our tax dollars to redistribute to crooks and losers.

    fuck ’em all. i guess we slowly are going galt.

  2. EOS

    I got many snail mail glossy cards re candidates but tossed them in the recycle bin. I’m more for the “stand at the train station” kind of campaigning. I had one or two candidates show up at my door with pens or refrigerator magnets. Our neighborhood hosts a free cocktail party for candidates. They seem to love the opportunity to come and give their spiel and it offers the voters a chance for a one-on-one. IMO, there’s something about seeing a candidate in person that makes or breaks a vote. I think if you want to stay off the grid, you can but it takes two to tango. If you want to be informed, I bet it means YOU have to enter the gridlines.

    If I were either Malloy or Foley campaign managers, I’d say hold off spending $ until October. They know for a fact that the Blumenthal-McMahan race is the darling of the media so why fork over dollars to reach voters until such a time that it proves to be an efficient use of funds. I do read local papers, the online version, and I do feel it is my duty to stay informed. When I can stomach it, I watch Cablevision’s News 12, as local as local news gets.

    PS: My mother is sick sick sick about O’Donnell’s victory and is sure that it now means Coons will take Biden’s seat come November.

  3. anon

    I am a registered republican and don’t even know who’s running… The only contact I receive is automated phone messages during dinner which I don’t answer… Those silly signs that litter the intersections don’t give me enough information to have any conviction… If these candidates really want to “change the way politics is done,” they should e-mail me with a message stating their views with a link to a web site and YouTube videos so I can accurately assess who I should be voting for.

    At this point, all I know is I am voting for anybody who isn’t a democrat.

  4. Jimbo

    I agree with EOS. It is your duty to inform yourself at least minimally. You obviously have access to a computer and you’ve had the opportunity over the last few months to read plenty for free at

    Soon the candidates will be spending millions (millions of taxpayer-provided dollars in Malloy’s case) on mailings, in an effort to inform inattentive voters. Then the voters will complain about all the wasteful mailings cluttering their mailboxes.

  5. Anonymous


    we are not isolationists with the figurative windows shut and the blinds closed. we get news and information from dozens of sources and have information contacts in town, across the country and around the globe upon whom we can rely. we check in regularly with sources like the NYT, not because we rely upon them for news, but because their narrative informs as to the priorities of the current manipulations.

    we vote every election, not because we feel we can and do make a difference. we vote just in case of the long odds that on occasion we may make a difference.

    we clearly are disenfranchised politically, think Amity Schlaes’ Forgotten Man. however, we are not disenfranchised economically, culturally, spiritually, or tribally and are mindful of our many blessings.

    as parents, we accept that we live in a changing world and we need to prepare our children for it, sometimes by taking the risk of educating them in different or new paradigms. we accept the responsibility to be forward thinking and to act upon the best of these sometimes imperfect understandings.

    tell your mom to take heart and vote for o’donnell. if she is so convinced that coons will win, what is there to lose?

  6. Inagua


    Is your mother going to hold her nose and vote for O’Donnell?

    What did you make of the fact that Castle did not make the traditional post election phone call to O’Donnell? It is a small and perhaps irrelevant point, but for a guy who pointed out his opponent’s character flaws, he seems singularly lacking in character himself, or at least elemental electoral courtesy.

  7. Chimney

    The Chamber of Commerce is working on a meet- the- candidates date- I’ll keep you posted as to date and time

  8. Kidding??

    Last night I met Tom Foley at the Hyatt reception his campaign put on for him. I was able to speak with him for 10 minutes and found out what I wanted to hear. I have to admit I didn’t know much about him before this meeting and was slightly skeptical.

    His most important priority is the CT economy. He wants to cut spending (maybe by 10%) and keep taxes low – perhaps cutting but for sure no raising taxes. He feels he can help business regain confidence and lure new business to CT with this approach. Second, he wants to help the families in need due the weak economy. His strategy for that was unclear in such a short time, but I was surprised he put that second as his priority. Third, he wants to improve school performance. Higher accountability and not allowing the unions to rule the school system as that clearly hasn’t worked.

    He came across as a no nonsense VERY smart and dedicated guy with only motivation to improve CT.

    He’s no slick politician and yes he’s slightly boring in this day in age but isn’t that what people really need?

    Lastly, he said the only way he will win is if Republicans get out to vote. I believe he’s right here as it could be real close as he’s gaining independent voters and women too. (he’s socially liberal he said). Personally, I could care less about some of the liberal causes like gay marriage or gays in the military and global warming – I care about CT’s future. The future is about having a solid workforce that is highly educated.

  9. So Greenwich

    Thanks for the Foley comments. Re the rest – I agree with the email w/ their positions stated. Hate those glossy cards that we’ve received way too many off – especially the anti-Debicella ones. Don’t know either dog in that hunt but the cards are difficult and don’t convey much info. I’m staying the independent, swing-voter that I am.

  10. atticus

    The unions got Malloy the nomination, they own him.

    If Malloy wins, we, and future generations, pay the tab.

  11. EOS


    Good question about my mother. She’s the first one to say she thinks Mike Castle has voted ‘wrong’ on many things but she’s known him socially for 40+ years, likes his ethics and honesty and felt in the long run, he’d be the better choice for Delaware. Now what will she do? If I know my mother as well as I think, yes, she will hold her nose and vote for O’Donnell. I’m LOL at the image. I haven’t spoken with her a second time today to ask her about Castle not making a call. I am sure she’d agree that it was in poor form. At 92, she is more involved and enthusiastic and passionate about Delaware politics than I am in NY. For that alone, I say, let her vote for whomever.

    The most heated discussion my mother ever had with one of her grandchildren was when one said “hey, I don’t need to vote.” Wellllllllllllllllllll, the sparks flew that day. They all vote now (or at least they tell HER they do!)

    PS: If I place an order at Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch, can you run and pick it up and FedEx it to me? Thanks.

  12. EOS


    This is totally OT and I’m sorry to take up FWIW’s space to ask…. but what ever happened to El Encanto Hotel’s renovation? Did they go belly up? The last time we ate there it was about to close. That had to be 2007. It’s a great location with a killer view. Inquiring minds want to know. (apologies CF. I realize this is inappropriate).

  13. Cos Cobber

    Malloy has said (per the Advocate) that he plans to make the income tax more fair….we all know what that means.

    I think developer BLT has alot at stake here with their $3B development in Stamford’s south end. If we go the way of the NY tax code, then forget about lucious corporate relocation plans from the isle of Manhattan. CT is nice, but w/o a tax advantage, the costs of Manhattan are offset by the access to more employee talent.

  14. Inagua


    A Delaware Republican who is passionate about politics! I can understand enthusiam for Bill Roth because he was certainly one of the most important senators of the last fifty years — the Roth IRA and the Kemp-Roth Tax Bill. But other than him what was there to be passionate about? Certainly not Pierre. BTW, the insurgent who won the Republican primary for the House, Glen Urquhart, was a classmate of mine at UVa. We had the same major so we were in quite a few classes together, and I remember him as a bit of an egocentric oddball. I hope he has improved since then.

    Stonehouse food is not as good as it was when you were here and it was Julia Child’s favorite restaurant. But the new owner has totally re-done the entire place and the dining room ambience is absolutely lovely, especially the patio.

    El Encanto is still under “renovation.” I suspect the economy is responsible.