The New York Post gets this story right

“Podunk” police dawdled for thirty minutes while family was killed. I commented yesterday on the thirty minute delay between the time the Chesire police were alerted to the Petit family’s horror and their arrival, but it turns out the cops did get there in plenty of time to save the women, but set about “establishing a perimeter”, whatever the hell that means, for a full half-hour. During which time, or course, the mother and her two young daughters were raped one final time, strangled, and burned to death. Good Lord. The police captain in charge says he was following strict state protocol for hostage situations. Maybe that protocol should be reviewed.


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8 responses to “The New York Post gets this story right

  1. Anonymous

    You think the Greenwich police would have reacted differently?

    I dunno…just askin’.

  2. GPD Folk

    At first indication that someone is in trouble….. through the door, window, wall; whatever is necessary.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    Guessing that most CT PD’s follow the same protocols, which the Duke also guesses have been re-examined since this incident.

    And, The Duke more than ever wants these two asshats to get the hot seat.

  4. just_looking

    GPD, I second CF’s comment and I am happy to hear that the endless amount of rules and regulations piled on have not affected your performance when it really matters.

  5. Anon

    to GPD folk – thanks, that’s reassuring.

    In the meantime, can you work on proper sequencing of the lights on route 1?