Finally, I can agree with our President

Obama: race between Blumenthal and McMahon a “no brainer”.

UPDATE: Can’t the President of the United States hire a speech writer who can keep his or her metaphors straight?

Obama said Republicans are trying to exploit the fear and anger among many Americans to win in November, but said they are responsible for losing four million jobs before he took office and “driving the economy into a ditch.”

“As soon as we took office we put on our boots, we climbed down into the ditch — it was muddy down there, it was dusty, bugs — and we’re pushing on the car, trying to get it out, slipping and sliding,” Obama said to laughs. “And the whole time the Republicans are standing there, sipping on a Slurpee, just watching us, saying `you’re not pushing hard enough. You’re not pushing the right way.'”

You can have mud, you can have dust: you can’t have both.


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3 responses to “Finally, I can agree with our President

  1. Peg

    It’s much tougher to be accurate when you lie. (Thank you, Mom.)

  2. Cobra

    Obummer’s down in the ditch, “slipping and sliding” because he doesn’t have a valid license to drive the economy out. He’s flunked the test repeatedly over the past 18 months, so leave him down there with the mud, dust and bugs…an environment malodorously reminiscent of the Chicago politics from whence he sprang.

  3. Kidding??

    Anyone voting for a guy who lied about putting himself in harms way in Vietnam (the ultimate slap to veterans) is an idiot