Food fight at the P&Z!

You want pasta with that withdrawal? (Bob Luckey photo, Greenwich Time)

P&Z turns down application to convert Bella Nonna into a bank, 3-2. It shouldn’t take nearly three years to decide this kind of issue, especially when, as I believe, the decision was wrong. Fudrucker voted for the bank and I can assure you that the package of cash delivered to our offices yesterday played no part in his decision – he just wanted the convenience of an ATM a block from his home.


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13 responses to “Food fight at the P&Z!

  1. Anonymous

    We thought his paying to have Eric Brower intimidated was a bit over the top.

  2. Anonymous

    FF has 8 ATM’s right there already. So why more?

    Need more Chase branches, I guess.

  3. anon

    The argument seems idiotic to me… it’s route 1 – no matter what, there’s gonna be traffic… It doesn’t take three years to figure that out

    • Anon, opponents always claim that “traffic will increase” on Route One to block every project on that road. Where else should traffic go? This is our business district, so I absolutely agree with you: it’s an idiotic argument.

  4. Cos Cobber

    I’m glad to hear FF voted for the bank.

    I dont think we need another bank, but I also dont think we need retail programming based on the views of what a 5 person board thinks a community needs. If so, where does this end?

    Its a bank people, not a junk yard or adult video store. If it can be designed within the height, set back and traffic rules, then so be it.

    By and large, the banks added to Cos Cob have been a benefit. They are well maintained, tidy operations providing local employment. I’d rather have banks than empty store fronts. Empty stores employ no one and contribute reduced property taxes.

  5. bc

    I want the DQ back. That had lots of traffic.

  6. Anthony Fountain

    bc, more “traffic” than you realize: if I remember right, the DQ was the preferred hangout for the town druggies during the 70s.

  7. NHRR

    While I agree with your position in general, CF, I agree with the P&Z on this one. Too many banks, not enough other businesses.

  8. Mr. Independent

    I remember that there was no traffic at the Clam Box. Anyway, I’m biased on this one. So I would need to recuse myself. Bella Nonna is one of the few decent restaurants in town that is kid friendly, and where a whole family can eat without taking out a mortgage, albeit at low rates.

  9. Cos Cobber

    When you are ready to build your dream shack, maybe the P&Z should rule that your given street already has enough houses. Where does retail programming by way of the P&Z end?

    PS – I agree Mr Independent. As a lowly Cos Cobber, the Bella Nonna is priced right for my family too. Tis a shame to see it go, however I respect their decision to cease selling low priced italian eats and opt for blue chip rent. Its odd to me that the P&Z didnt take a vote to mandate 10 more years of Bella Nonna while they had their hand in retail programming. 🙂

  10. out looking in

    Do we really need another bank…I mean, what do they do inside anyways? Whichever bank wanted the location should simply get a 99 year lease from Bella and stick a few ATMs on each side of the entrance..

  11. dogwalker

    I can’t quite grasp that the banks find it profitable to have so many branches. I know there’s a lot of money around here somewhere . . . but is there really THAT much?

    (Just my poor, limited view of the world, I guess.)