Jim Himes

I was stuck in a doctor’s waiting room this morning while Ma was being attended to (she’s fine) and came across an old interview of Jim Himes in Greenwich Magazine (no link, but maybe April’s issue?). I still can’t say I’ll vote for the man this November but in view of my many disparaging remarks about him the past, I feel compelled to admit that he comes across as a rather bright fellow with good intentions. We all know about good intentions, of course  but ….


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14 responses to “Jim Himes

  1. atticus

    November is a referendum on Dem rule. Himes should pay for his votes for Pelosi, Obamacare and “stimulus”.

    Given his record, in no way has Himes earned reelection. His backtracking now is nothing more than “boob-bait for the bubbas” as Moynihan said about Dems tacking right during elections.

  2. Cobra

    Check his voting record. He’s Pelosi’s manservant.

  3. anonymous2

    Sorry, but he may well be a bright guy but he voted to have the government steal our healthcare. Good intentions? Having been a victim of government-run healthcare elsewhere, I’d say he’s too far down the road to hell to be redeemable.

  4. JRH

    Anonymous2, he’s clearly a brighter guy than you. Please come back to this space and share your story when the government takes over your healthcare. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  5. Reader

    Chris- I am sure that Himes is a nice guy. Unfortunately for him, he has a record and his record is consistent and loyal support for the tax, spend, and regulate agenda that is strangling the private sector and turning us into a European style social democracy. He claims to be independent, but he voted for the trifecta- the stimulus plan, the health care plan, and cap ‘n trade. His decision to sign the Gaza 54 letter shows that that on foreign policy he stands with a small group of extreme members of his party. His record flies in the face of his claim to be independent and moderate.

    He might be a nice guy, but he is part of the problem and needs to go.

  6. Anonymous

    pleasant, well-mannered, lying statist commie scum is still lying statist commie scum.

    Himes must go.

    as Cobra and many others have noted. Himes is Pelosi’s bitch.

  7. Krazy Kat

    Wow! Venom like this is usually saved for houses with Merritt noise and out of town speculator developers.

    That said, throw him out. Lie down with dogs, you get flees, not matter how smart, photogenic or well-meaning.

  8. Georgie in Greenwich

    hhmmmm, bright fellow with good intentions…Obama? oh, I’m sorry you were talking about Himes.

    Geez, CF, I would expect more from you….esp after all your smart analysis on the growth of gov’t spending, taxes, and such.

    Its policies, not personality (or intellect). The average IQ at the Obama admin is fancy….and look what they have managed to do in 18 short months.

    We need more common working folks who have to meet payroll, live within their means, juggle two working family households, pay INDIVIDUAL insurance premiums vs corporate premiums….the REAL WORLD not the Ivy Tower world these folks live.

    Voting, not rhetoric, is where the rubber meets the road….GET THEM OUT…..Nov cannot come soon enough.

  9. Luke Gardner

    O.K. Chris: Did someone slip you some kind of Mickey? (Jeremy Kaye perhaps?) First you tell us you’re considering voting for Statist George Jepsen for the AG slot, now you’re considering voting for Pelosi’s ass-wiper. Sounds like you’ve been spending way too much time in genteel Greenwich for your own good.

    (Just kidding Jeremy)

  10. Cos Cobber

    What’s going on here, has the secret service shut down your blog until AF One takes off from White Plains this evening?

  11. ajnock

    He’s a dimwit who voted for the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda. A pox on him. Throw the bum out.

  12. Accountability Autumn Follows “Recovery” Summer

    We are at the end of Recovery Summer and beginning of Accountability Autumn. Our incumbent congressman, Jim Himes, is running for re-election in a tough economic and political climate for incumbents with his voting record. Across the country, incumbents such as Himes are downplaying their votes for the stimulus, Obamacare, and record deficits. While Congressman Himes may be vulnerable this year, the 2010 election may also be a great opportunity for him if he is able to survive. That is because 2010 will be as bad as it gets for Himes in terms of accountability. If he can get a majority of voters to accept the status quo, then he will be practically invulnerable in future elections. Generally, incumbents face their toughest re-election battle after their freshman term. In this case, Himes’ first term ends amidst 10% unemployment and two out of three voters in his district under the belief that Washington is on the wrong track. If he can overcome those odds, then he can do anything –- set aside his campaign season moderation and vote how he pleases in the future. If Himes can win this election, then Accountability Autumn may become as big a failure as Recovery Summer. So the question before the voters is whether or not the status quo is good enough? Because there may not be another chance at an Accountability Autumn like this one.

  13. Former CT Resident

    Jim Himes did no listen to his constituencies wishes instead he voted with Nancy P and company 94% of the time. He voted for Obamacare, he voted for the failed stimulus bill and he supports cap and Trade. He now can’t say he was independent. He did not earn our trust and a return trip to Washington. Send him back to where he came from.