Kids caught in swastika incident

Four fifteen-year-olds. I’m with First Selectman Tesei on this one, who describes it as an act of “blatant stupidity”. Having been guilty of that same condition at fifteen, I’m sympathetic, within reason. I’m glad the police found the kids because no resident should have to fear that there are enemies out there, but I hope education, rather than strict punishment, is applied. I (dimly) remember being 15, and I know that my brain wasn’t fully functioning at that age.


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4 responses to “Kids caught in swastika incident

  1. dogwalker

    I suspected it was done by some in their mid-teen years. Kids that age are not expected to have a such a broad perspective on life/history yet, IMHO. I do hope actions taken against them are more educational than punitive.

  2. Fred2

    “their mid-teen years. Kids that age are not expected…”

    Hrpmh. Poor education.

    Seriously, they may pleaded ignorance but this was youthful malice because they KNEW it would freak out adults, because we have fetishized the whole Nazi thing.

  3. Old School Grump

    Police, schmolice, I’d never have done that at 15 because I’d have been too scared of my PARENTS, who no doubt would have hit me with a belt if I were caught out.

  4. dogwalker

    CF, I must confess I didn’t read to the end of your post until now . . . so didn’t copy the education/punitive business intentionally.

    Fred2, I disagree that it is a matter of education, but that is not to say that I would expect them to plead ignorance. It is more a matter of maturity, in my view. Sure, they knew it would freak people out. I would grant them that they would not comprehend the extent to which it would freak some people out or why.