Obama? Never heard of him

POTUS appearing in Stamford and Greenwich today, while Congressman Jim Himes hides in Washington.


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13 responses to “Obama? Never heard of him

  1. Chris, did you know that POTUS demanded–and got–80 Greenwich cops, mostly working overtime, to protect him while he visits our fair city? This is way, way more than the Bushes ever got. And guess who pays for this extravagance? Why, we the taxpayer of Greenwich, naturally. Clearly this man is the most expensive President we’ve ever had, and the costs will only continue to rise. Yuk.

  2. Blumental should use Makin owned Westin Hotel in Stamford

    Did Bloom use Marriot so as not to show off the Wein and Malkin properties he stands to inherit someday in Stamford?

    Man of the people baloney. Why do the ads not show the Malkin millions he is attached to.

    Will Bloom spend his day of isolation in atonement for his lies on Saturday Yom Kippoor?Or get his ass out on the campaign trail where it belongs?

  3. ff

    What is it Chris? You’re mad because the Congress does nothing, then get snarky when Himes is in Washington doing something? I tell ya, you should have run yourself. I’d have been happy to set it up. I know you’re not a Harvard man like Debecella, but you’d make lots of friends down there

  4. horse jock

    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

  5. anon

    Obama should be banned from Greenwich

  6. Riverside Dog Walker

    I think the paper said it was $12k to have your picture taken with POTUS at the Marriot and $30k for a Conyers Farm invite. Govt is for sale, business as usual. Good grief. Not the hope and change I voted for.

  7. Luke Gardner

    Mr. Hankey nearly made my wife miss her 8:42 train to GCT.

  8. JRH

    Riverside Dog Walker, I imagine you were just as shocked and outraged when your state senator, Scott Frantz, hosted Bush, Romney, Shays and countless other Republicans for identical fundraisers at his Riverside estate?

    You guys will get mad at Obama for literally anything he does.

    • JRH: I certainly don’t begrudge Obama’s coming to town – he’s our President, and of course we should welcome him – but your mention of Scott Frantz reminds me of when he hosted Bush some years ago. The day after the visit every merchant in Old Greenwich received a beautiful orchid plant from Mr. Frantz, along with a hand-written apology for the inconvenience caused when President Bush’s motorcade shut down Sound Beach Avenue. I thought that was a class act.

  9. Priapus

    Obama will do something similar. He’ll send an iPod of all his best speeches, and it’ll be formatted wrong.

  10. Hu Nhu?

    horse jock, I’d vote for Sidney Poitier to replace the incumbent.
    As for the well-spoken, educated, & dressed Mr. Himes, he took a massive healthcare dump on his constituents, and exempted himself. Me no likee……..

  11. former greenwich resident

    We spend far too much money and disrupt normal life much too much for presidents and government bigshots of both parties. I lived in Greenwich when Bush 41 was visiting and practically being pushed off North Street a long time before he came through. These guys choose to run for office voluntarily – let them take the risks that some nut will shoot them if they want the power!