Rich Meehan on the Petit trial

Greenwich Time runs this attorney’s column every once in awhile; I wish he’d write more often because, while I’m certain we disagree on politics, his defense of defense lawyers and civil rights, etc., is outstanding. He’s an excellent read.


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8 responses to “Rich Meehan on the Petit trial

  1. Jimbo

    Really? I’m sorry to disagree but this article is waste of space. No one — except, if Meehan is right, a few anonymous bloggers — is attacking the defense attorney in this case.

    I would’ve thought Meehan would have something intelligent, helpful or insightful to say about the case.

  2. The Duke of Deception


    Meehan doesn’t even get fact that To Kill A Mockingbird was about a rape case, not a murder.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    No problem with a vigorous defense, but this is a super defensive piece about something that isn’t unknown — bloggers tend to vent. In other news, water is wet.

    News reports today are saying that Hayes’ attorneys are blaming the police for the rape and murders, as they delayed too much and therefore allowed these two douchbags the time to act.
    Now, THAT”S despicable.

  4. Chinatown

    system sucks for taking 3 years to put the Petit family through this nightmare again.

  5. EOS

    can someone tell me why it took three years to bring this horrific event to trial? and is the state of connecticut on the hook to pay for the legal fees of the criminals?

    • EOS, one of the defendants attempted suicide, which delayed things – too bad he failed because yes, we’re paying for the defense.
      UPDATE: The state is going for death sentences, which is appropriate, but that decision meant that the defendants’ offer to plead guilty in exchange for life sentences was rejected. I am personally opposed to the death penalty because it’s actually cheaper to impose a life sentence than to pay for all the appeals death penalty cases spawn, and I can’t think of a worse fate than being incarcerated for life – Michael Ross volunteered to die rather than endure more imprisonment. But I also understand society’s need to express its ultimate disgust with people like these two wretches.