Chinese drywall? You’re f’d

It seems to be a southern problem, but these homeowners are screwed; wiped out, and no one’s going to pay.


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8 responses to “Chinese drywall? You’re f’d

  1. Anonymous

    Neither all builders/suppliers nor all consumers are created equal

    But stupidity and greed tend to intersect as counterparties in many arenas of business and life

  2. Greenwich Gal

    Think twice before buying anything made in China!

  3. Daniel

    China signed the Hague Convention. Serve them that way. The courts have jurisdiction.

  4. Daniel

    Also, bring in a local to screw up diversity of jurisdiction. Can’t remove to Federal Court and the locals will be on your side.

  5. anony-moose

    Supposedly that trash is found in 38 states, including Connecticut. But as the rate of homebuilding is so much slower here (especially of large tract development), there’d be proportionally fewer cases.

  6. out looking in

    C’mon Chris- you know someone will get paid large! The tort lawyers– the homeowners will get discount coupons for their next Chinese drywall purchases…and I’m 100% serious- mark my words..

  7. armonk

    We should add restrictions to imported goods from China until they make good on this disaster.

    The companies that made the drywall in China are boasting that they are not subject to US courts.
    OK, they are right.

    So, we have to restrict imports from China until the Chinese courts get restititution for the hapless homeowners.

  8. Pinzgauer

    Then what? They won’t give us any more money? I think nobody is challenging them on anything.