Fine: I’d prefer that the kids learn to read

GHS teacher honored for founding “Diversity Week” at the school. It’s better than the time wasted on the state-mandated “fluoride swish and spit” program, but five days devoted to teach kids not to be prejudiced? What the hell are parents for?

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One response to “Fine: I’d prefer that the kids learn to read

  1. Georgie in Greenwich

    Agreed….parents have this responsibility. Same logic of blame the schools for everything such as test scores. We need to quit blaming “institutions” and take a look at ourselves, our own families. Its time parents take (back) ownership of our kids values, study habits, motivations, aspirations—and let the schools concentrate less on Kumbayah and more on the three R’s.

    The Chinese, Indians, Japanese etc must laugh at us at the way we waste of our precious instructional time….they ultimately get the last laugh because all the “well intentioned” cultural training isn’t going to make a darn bit of difference when all our kids/grand kids “bosses” will be foreign born.