I can’t keep up

When did gypsies become “Roma”?


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  1. not so anonymous

    They always were…but saying gypsies now is appaently like saying Indian, or Black..or, heaven forbid, Eskimo.I wonder what I am now, European American? or is it still wasp?

  2. AFW

    About ten years ago we had to start referring to the dirty stinking thieving Gypsies as the dirty stinking thieving Roma. I once tried to help a dstG, sorry – dstR, community that begged on the streets of my neighbourhood around the time that the Czechs constructed a wall around a Gypsy town to keep them away from their decent general public. Western European White Guilt and all that. It did not go well. They are scam artists, every single one from the first day they learn to put their hand out to beg a cent from you or steal your purse or invade your property Thank goodness for the Atlantic Ocean. (Yes, I am aware that I am a hypocrite, becasue I have accused CF of casting broad aspersions against Muslims and for his liberal use of the racist term “Paki”; we all have our buttons.)

    • AFW: Ha! I have a very good friend, Swedish, who would return home every summer in the 60’s and encountered allegations of racism because he lived in America and everyone knew how badly blacks were treated here. When he lived there in the mid-80s for a three-year employment stint, he reported that the Gypsies had swarmed into the country, taking advantage of Sweden’s generous welfare allowances, and his hand-wringing, liberal friends were absolutely furious about the invasion. I understand.

  3. founding father

    Tom Marks?