Lightning rods

Greenwich Time reports that yesterday’s fire on Cognewaugh Road was caused by a lightning strike. I used to always see lightning rods on farms and barns in Maine, Vermont and out west, but I don’t see them around here (nor do I have them on my own house). Is it just a rural practice?


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8 responses to “Lightning rods

  1. EOS

    We have them on our house here in backwoods rural Bedford. Got running water too in these ‘fer parts.

  2. Anonymous

    Terlets? Don’t have ’em here in the backcountry.

    Our “flush” is a coffee-can full of powdered lime.

  3. happy in riverside

    we got quoted for them when we re-built our house last year ….60k for a 5700sq foot house…..errrmm thanks but no thanks…..Ill take my chances! they do work – but the risk / cost wasnt right for us….

  4. EOS

    We inherited our lightning rods with the house – have them in the trees too. The copper has a finely aged patina and they sit atop our humble home like an architectural element. Would not have chosen to do it ourselves, especially now knowing the price Happy was quoted.

    Gotta dash. Our Full Moon Outhouse has a vacant sign on it.

  5. JediCheese

    Usually if you have metal gutters and whatnot they offer the same protection.

  6. Walter Noel

    Hey, I seem to be a lightening rod for nasty comments on your blog site.

  7. Fred2

    The whole subject of lightning rods is very interesting, on one side they do in theory safely route lightning to the ground.

    On the other side I understand they make it more likely that you will get hit by lighting because the charges tghey channel pre strike, and etc… and lightning once it hits follows it’s own “logic” on what is the best route to ground… the logic of a highly charged energetic electrical plasma in a wildly unstable enviroment.

    I have a friend whose house took a direct hit. House itself was fine. EMP’ed out every electronic that didn’t have state of the art surge suppression, fried the fridge and the furnace controls, fried every lightbulb, and tripped the local line transformer (the “garbage can on the pole” type) with a ZeeoWOWFRAP noise and nice arc flash that had every dog within a mile needing fresh undies.

    Me I just make sure there are some tall trees nearby to look more attractive than my humble abode.