My bad

I haven’t been keeping up with the Bovina Bloviator for a while (he wasn’t posting frequently) but he’s been busy recently. Love this one: The Taliban has been ripping up the Koran and using its pages to wrap heroin for resale.

And this: Arlo Guthrie is a Republican/ Libertarian – my man!

I do love the Internet.


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2 responses to “My bad

  1. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    I guess all of his liberal friends moved down to the other end of the Group W bench once they heard this….

  2. From the original USA today article:

    “Marine commanders believe that families are either coerced into allowing children to be used by Taliban fighters, or in the case of adolescents, paid money or offered inducements to fight, such as small, Chinese-made motorcycles.”

    In the 21st century, children are being are being sold for motorcycles.