The Hill: Tea party’s already won

The author even figured out it has nothing to do with Barack Obama being black!

Even before Christine O’Donnell handily defeated Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) in an epic upset Tuesday night, the Tea Parties, all of them, had already won. No matter what happens in the midterm elections on Nov. 2, the Tea Party has moved the Democrats to the right and the Republicans even more so, and President Obama’s agenda is dead.

Anger from disaffected conservatives who sat quietly through eight years of the surplus-to-deficit presidency of George W. Bush bubbled up immediately after Obama took office. All it took was the unprecedented $787 billion stimulus package, and before Obama could mark his first 100 days in office, a movement was born. Some of the already angry yet newly active were libertarian supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), and almost all of them were fuming over the Troubled Asset Relief Program of 2008, the bipartisan bailout of Wall Street that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) voted for and that his running mate, then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), supported.

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One response to “The Hill: Tea party’s already won

  1. Pesky Truth

    The key phrase in that article is “sat quietly.” For eight long years they were quiet as a mouse — until anyone else (including real, pragmatic conservatives) decided to actually speak up. Then they raged about “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” or penned tributes about Bush’s “extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius” (from Powerline, a leading conservative blog, link to the quote below). If that’s CF”s “slow burn” I’d hate to see a gentle simmer.