This is just horrible

West Point Grad, former officer, shot to death by idiot cops.


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15 responses to “This is just horrible

  1. Peg

    “Just horrible” I’m afraid is an understatement.

  2. Retired IB'er

    A terribly tragic lesson in how you can be “dead” right.

    Guy appears to do everything correctly and still ends up dead by overzealous cops. Must always work to understand, and act appropriately, for the weakest link in any situation, especially when weapons are involved.

    Not sure which is worse in this story: the act of killing the man or the “appearance” of a cover-up by the Police Department after the fact (re: surveillance tapes).

  3. not so anonymous

    This is so horrible I couldn’t finish the whole article… I immediately want to drive that whole Police Dept.out of office with no pension.. And send the shooters to jail.Is there a chance they will be pinished? Or does the “law” get away with it ? Arghhhh..

  4. Anonymous

    Not excusing the cops, certainly for what appears to be a cover-up, but when a bunch of police on “high-alert” are pointing guns at you and shouting? It would be best NOT to reach for your weapon. Lying down on the ground would have been the correct procedure.

  5. gideon fountain

    (That was my post about not drawing your gun accidentally sent anonymously)

  6. Anon 2

    You are right, everything about the story is horrible, including the seeming police cover up. However, what are people thinking who insist on carrying weapons to dangerous places like Costco and Starbucks?

    I am a West Point grad and dropped out of an alumni discussion group when fellow grads saw nothing wrong with this, and indeed, felt it was a good idea to ‘carry’ to a restaurant when having dinner with their family. Personally, I think they must watch too much TV.

    More bad things than good things can come out of this behavior, and please, spare me the 2nd Amendment discussion. It is a completely different circumstance than my Marine son having to take his weapon with him to chow while currently in Helmand province, keeping that country safe for corrupt politicians who steal from us.

  7. LLS 2

    another reason why guns clearly suck.

    to my friends that want to own guns, i try to explain to them , that you never want to be involved with any discharges. nothing good ever comes of it.

    in simplest terms it would be like this; 2 kinds of people have guns, cops and bad guys. so which one are you?

    • LLS2, I disagree. Honest, law abiding citizens who own guns far outnumber the criminals and in fact, the more gun ownership in a community, the lower the crime rate. Around here, however, pistols are unexpected and I think the danger of alarming folks outweighs the safety benefits of carrying a weapon, so mine are kept at home. But shooting rifles and pistols is a blast, literally. Almost everyone I’ve taken out to a range, girl or boy, who’s fired off a dozen rounds or so has loved it. It’s a grand experience.

  8. out looking in

    This is a truly sad story. As the brother of a special agent and “friend” of several peace officers, I can honestly say, of course generalizing, that they are not very bright people.
    I was certified for a CW permit in Florida, but when I went to the mail drop to send of the approved registration form, I changed my mind. I feared that something exactly like that could happen, especially in Miami (and Miami Beach- those cops were the worst).
    All cops please send your hate mail via Chris!

  9. Anon

    Erik was a classmate of mine. I had trouble comprehending this unfortunate turn of events when I first learned of it several weeks ago. He was a solid citizen and will be missed.

  10. IDAHO

    Similar story in Spokane a few days ago where a cop in an unmarked car killed the 74 year old owner of a greenhouse who was also a 30 year preacher. It happened in the parking lot of the greenhouse!!

  11. LLS #2

    I’ve fired shots at gun ranges and outdoors. It is grand fun. But I am not a police officer nor military. The associated risks and complications of being armed is too much for me to fathom or bear.

    Why carry weapons around town ? I know it is las vegas and all but really , what’s the use ? ?

    And in greenwich or NYC. Please !? Cops and bad guys only should be the ones with guns. This isn’t the west.

  12. Hey

    Normally I’d agree with the idea of just lying down when the cops are pointing guns at you. Unfortunately in this case the victim was shot repeatedly in the back when he was already face down dead.

    There is something truly screwed up here and they need to clear out the department with a flamethrower.