South Korea sends food to the North. Bring it down.


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8 responses to “Why?

  1. JRH

    Because there are millions of people, including children, starving to death there and those people aren’t responsible for the cruel, evil government they suffer under.

  2. Fred2

    Also S. Korea’s greatest fear isn’t invasion anymore, it’s N. Korea just collapsing into their unwilling arms and waves of (basically useless for 5 to 20 years as they have been generally passed by by the last 30 years of progress) North Koreans standing around, bitching about how they are treated like shit by S. Korean’s & voting in a unified Korea and generally ‘effin up the works.

  3. Fred2

    Think of E. Germany except N. Korea isn’t exactly the “bright star” of the Warsaw Pact.

    In the long term it would work out – bringing N. Korea up to speed would very profitable – in the short term it would be rough.

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Ummm, because the NoKo’s have the largest artillary force in the world and most of it is pointed at Seoul? Just a guess…

  5. dogwalker

    There are many, many families with members living on both sides of the border.