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Trouble in River City

Beacon, New York shuts down vintage pinball arcade – “why, we have a law against that sort of thing!” So now the city has yet another shuttered business.


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Well this was stupid

Up in Madison, a 70-year-old Republican attorney caught phoning in a bomb threat to disrupt Republican fund-raiser. When he’s disbarred, he’ll have plenty of time to run his own fund-raisers.

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Psst! Wanna buy some Madoff debt, real cheap?

The New York Post reports a rumor that a chump who lost $250 million with Madoff is trying to auction if off, maybe for as high as thirty cents on the dollar. That seems high to me because I doubt the Trustee will ever recover thirty percent of what was stolen. But I’m just guessing. It’d be a hoot if Walter Noel bought the junk.

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