Gee, you think this guy has troubles?

Randy Quaid arrested, again, this time for squatting in a house he sold ten years ago. Sad – the guy had a real acting career. I always liked his younger brother Dennis better, though. If you missed “Frequency” (2000) I recommend it as an excellent NetFlix choice. I haven’t seen it in years so I can’t say how it’s stood the test of time but my then 17-year-old son John and I really enjoyed it.


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10 responses to “Gee, you think this guy has troubles?

  1. Now we really ought to be discussing title insurance.

    There are other land tenure systems around the world.

    In Bolivia and many other places, it is possession of real property that is the key factor in preserving its use for your future and your heirs. Deeds in excess of 500 metric acres are prohibited by law, for this reason:

    When you buy a lot, first you build an 8 ft. masonry wall topped with broken coke bottle shards, then you install your resident squatter to preserve your possession of the land.

    That and a 50-cal. semi-automatic are what secure land titles.

  2. It is a great testament to the Cola-Cola company that this essential ingredient in the occupation and possession of real estate is universally available.

    Colt firearms deserve a hat-tip as well.

    American Title Insurance Co – not so much.

  3. Walt

    Dude Man –
    Dennis Quaid was married to Meg Ryan. She grew up in Fairfield. I banged her. I shit you not. She was a lot of fun.

    Top that, Clowny!!

    And I am not making this up. If I was, I would have told you I schtupped Stephanie. But she is still next on the list. If she does Buddy Hacket, she has to be an easy score.

    Your Pal,

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Mr. Quaid is mentally unstable. It is a sad story.

  5. Swing Trader

    I first saw Randy Q. in Midnight Express. He was skinny, and was riveting.

    The last time I saw him was in Brokeback Mountain, fat, and somewhat forgettable except for his “stem the rose” line right out of the book. I’m an Annie Proulx fan.

    I wonder how he and his wife even got on the property to squat? You’d think the San Ysidro Ranch and the SB Biltmore would get flagged when they checked in, too.

  6. horse jock

    I spent a couple weeks at Meg and Dennis’ ranch in Montana back in the day. Lovely personable people. Great hosts. When Meg ran off with Russell Crowe she had to pay Dennis alimony. Evi and Randy were on the outs, and Evi was a crook. Stole money from investors to make a film that never got released, etc. Seems she dragged poor Randy into the toilet. Really sad. Live by the press die by the press. Look what happened to Meg after millions of dollars of Hollywood studio money went into PR making her a star to promote their movies. She turned into a plastic surgery duck face and is now cold as ice. I must say I did laced brownies at her house with Russell and her and had a great time watching some ribbon clerk gay boy with no shirt on writhing in front of John Travolta playing the guitar. Oh well. No more. Old fart here now. Happens overnight.

  7. Anonymous

    And who could forget “Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure” ?

  8. Chris, you need to break it to Walt that Stephanie may no longer be such an easy score. The NY Post reports the Brants have called off their divorce. Buddy will still do Stephanie. Walt’s disappointment will be palpable. We will all feel his pain.

  9. Old School Grump

    Horse jock, that’s a great story. Please chime in with more of them.

    It is ironic how movie stars whose fame depends on their faces can easily damage their marketability when they “get work done” to try to preserve those faces. When millions of people have seen you in extreme close up on a giant screen, ya think they’re not going to notice inflated lips or brand new cheekbones or a resculpted nose?