Mortgage mediation – not such a good deal

NYT’s Gretchen Morgenson reports on Nevada’s attempt at a mortgage mediation program and it sounds as unsuccessful as Connecticut’s (Morgenson erroneously says that Nevada’s is unique in the country). The basic problem seems to be that the banks just aren’t interested.


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4 responses to “Mortgage mediation – not such a good deal

  1. out looking in

    btw Chris- now I know why u like that cat rock house- it looks like a man-cave hunting lodge! Finally saw some picks to remind me- if they put 100k into redecorating/staging, they would get $2.5m no problem. This is one house that would benefit from such an “investment”

  2. Teri Buhl

    Chris – Gretchen’s column should really be called ‘ how to encourage readers to be victims’ instead of ‘Fair Game’. Her coverage of the mtg/housing issues facing our country are always one sided. To the point of sounding like she she just got off the phone with the Center For Responsible Lending and then writes her column. My former editor at HousingWire does a great job of explaining just why some of her stories leave out important facts and do not represent a real picture of the issues.

    But then what else are we to expect from a paper (NYT) that more and more just reads like the mouth piece of team Obama?

  3. out looking in

    You go Girl!

  4. Anonymous

    Tanta (RIP) at CalculatedRisk used to skewer the bejeesus out of “Poor Gretchen” all the time.