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Innis Arden Country Club screws up

Or at least, they sued the wrong folks. First, they found PCB’s on the grounds, and had to pay $2 million to clean it up. Then they sued Pitney Bowes for contaminating their property and lost, and have now been ordered to pay $500,000 for Pitney Bowes’ attorneys fees, which is amazing –  aside from 1886 civil rights suits, where attorneys fees are mandated by law, losers almost never pay the other side’s expenses. I’m guessing the judge found their suit frivolous and an abuse of process. Now they’re suing their own attorneys, but those guys, Tyler Cooper & Alcorn, have dissolved (which I’m sorry to learn because it was an excellent firm, with fine attorneys, back when I was practicing in the 80s and 90s).

I haven’t seen the original complaint  but so far as I know, Pitney Bowes manufactured products three miles away and separated from the golf links by Stamford Harbor and the Rippowaum River: hard to see how PCBs could migrate over to 120 Tomac Road from there. If I understand the gist of the club’s complaint against its own lawyers, it’s that the attorneys should never have let them be so stupid as to sue on a baseless claim. I’m not sympathetic. But it looks to me that Innis Arden members are facing a heck of an assessment to cover the stupidity of their governing board.

UPDATE: Okay, I found the underlying motion for sanctions. The expert hired by Innis Arden failed to preserve the soil samples that were supposed to show PCB contamination. The Judge got mad about this obvious violation of federal rules,and whacked ’em. I understand the club’s suit now, but I still think it should cut its losses, and quit.

I myself am not a golfer and if I were, I’d never be able to use the grounds – Check out their dress code.

Miss Innis Arden 2010: Scusie!

In the Ferris Room, a jacket and tie or band collar or turtleneck shirt and jacket are required at all times for men and boys.  Permitted attire for women includes dresses, business suits, skirts or tailored pants with or without a jacket, skirt or pant ensembles and formal evening wear. Corporate footwear [what the f is “corporate footwear”? Ed] is appropriate for men.  Women may wear dress sandals, evening shoes and corporate footwear.

“Smart Casual” dress which is clean and neat is required for the Tod Room. Men should wear slacks, Bermuda shorts and collared or band collar shirts.  Shirts must be worn tucked it.  Women may wear skirts, dresses, Bermuda shorts, slacks and modest skirts.

The grill room. Main Bar, and outdoor patio are the only locations in the Clubhouse where tennis clothes, clean and neat “warm-up suits”, and sneakers are permitted.  Otherwise, dress should be “smart casual.”

The following items are NOT PERMITTED in the Clubhouse:

  • Hats and caps
  • Blue Jeans or Denim Jackets
  • Halter tops
  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts
  • Bare midriffs
  • Micro-mini skirts or dresses
  • Short shorts (including hiking shorts, gym shorts, rugby shorts, cut-offs, etc.)
  • Collarless shirts for men or boys
  • Swimming attire
  • T-shirts
  • Sneakers not permitted in Ferris or Tod Rooms except on children under 12 years
  • Flip flops, Tevas, Birkenstocks, etc.
  • Golf
  • Russ Pruner tests the limits of the dress code

  • The dress code for golf applies to the putting green, driving range, practice areas, pro shop, and locker rooms, as well as the golf course.  Complete lists of acceptable and unacceptable attire are posted in the locker rooms.
  • Male golfers must wear appropriate golf attire, which may include golf slacks, Bermuda shorts that are no higher than five inches above the knee, and shirts with collars.  Women golfers must wear appropriate golf attire as well, which may include golf slacks, Bermuda shorts and golf skirts that are no higher than five inches above the knee. Halter, T-shirts, jeans, cut -offs, bathing and pool attire, are never permitted around the golfing facilities, including the driving range.
  • It is a member’s responsibility to inform their guest of this policy prior to their visit to Innis Arden.  Golf attire is permitted in the Tod Room, Main Bar, and outdoor patio.
  • Tennis
  • Tennis whites are required.  Some color trim is allowed.  Men must wear shirts with collars.  White tennis shoes are required. No bathing suits, cut-offs or other non-tennis clothing are permitted, bare feet, jogging sneakers or other rubber-soled shoes or sandals are prohibited as well.
  • Tennis attire is permitted in the grill room. Bar, and Outdoor Patio only.
  • Platform Tennis
  • Platform tennis attire may include “warm-up suits”, jeans, slacks, sweat pants, sweat shirts, and other outdoor athletic wear. Only tennis sneakers my be worn.  Jogging sneakers, boots, or other rubber-soled shoes are not permitted.
  • Most platform tennis attire is acceptable in the grill room, Main Bar, and outdoor patio if it is neat and clean. Blue Jeans, sweat shirts and sweatpants, however, are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.
  • Pool
  • Proper swim attire is required in the pool; no cut-offs allowed.  Cover ups are required when leaving the pool en route to you car.  Swimming attire, including cover ups, may not be worn anywhere in the Clubhouse.

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    Must have been a slow month

    Three detectives, combined, amount to “officer of the month”.


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    At least he didn’t taser him

    Cop, threatened by 84-year-old man’s balled fist, throws him to ground, breaks his neck. Orlando police defend the cop, saying he was threatened by “imminent danger to his life”. You bet.

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    Sprinkler systems in residential housing

    Mandatory as of January, 2011. I wrote about this a year or so ago but received a call today from a client who is trying to build a modest new home and was distressed to learn of the requirement. This article says such a system will add $5,000 to the cost of construction. I’ve heard estimates of $15,000. Everyone wants a safe home, but it’s one thing to mandate $15 smoke detectors – this new law is nuts.

    “The fire survival rate in homes with working smoke detectors is 99.41 percent, according to the NFPA. Toss in a sprinkler, and the rate rises to 99.6 percent.”


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    RTM rejects sex offender ban for third time

    And good for them – I’m astonished that the RTM has such common sense. The definition of “sex offender” is so broad that to ban all such offenders from our parks and beaches would sweep up people who are no danger to children, the ostensible beneficiaries of this ordinance. It was a feel-good bit of legislation that would accomplish nothing and punish people who don’t deserve to be punished further.


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    Off to a open houses

    Three pages of listings, two houses of interest. The rest are all retreads, all still over priced despite price cuts. There’s one spec house with a $2 million price cut that is still over priced. I lost a friendship when I pointed out the folly of the original price two  years ago so rather than rub salt in the wound, I’ll just suggest that you can get a better deal when the bank forecloses.

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