Greenwich YMCA thefts: 50 and growing, but shsssh! Don’t tell.

Den of thieves

This from a friend:

Hey Chris –

Long time, no speak.  While I would appreciate if you keep my name (and personal details) out of it, I wanted to write under my real name to share some really disturbing news about the Greenwich YMCA with you.

My  [XXX ] son is on the [XXX ] water polo team, which pays a stiff price to use the YMCA’s pool.  During his first week there he left his Vineyard Vines flip-flops outside of a locker when he went to the pool.  He gets back, the flip-flops are gone.  OK, lesson learned, don’t leave your stuff lying around.  A week later he opens his backpack after practice and finds that his pants have gone missing.  The explanation here isn’t perversion, or someone so desperate for clothing they’re stealing pants; instead, the reason was that his brand new Vineyard Vines belt was still on the pants, and it was easier to simply grab the trousers and run than take the time to remove the belt from the loops.  This motivated my wife and me to head to the front desk, where the level of responsiveness and concern was appallingly low.  At one point a woman showed up who simply radiated bad attitude.  She basically dared me to call the police to report the matter, and I think she was taken aback when I actually did.  Imagine my shock when I later learned that Ms. Bad Attitude is the current director of the Y!

In any case, a nice young Greenwich PD officer showed up and dutifully took our report.  What rocked us back – and led to this email – is when he told us that this was the fiftieth (50th) report that he’s taken concerning thefts in the Y in the last few months. To make sure I heard him correctly I repeated “Fifteenth?” and he said “No.  Fifty.  Five-zero.”

In other words, Chris, our Y is literally a den of thieves.  And the administration on-site doesn’t seem to give a damn about it.  Your readers deserve to know this.


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20 responses to “Greenwich YMCA thefts: 50 and growing, but shsssh! Don’t tell.

  1. just_looking

    trying to pay for that pool??

  2. Riverside Dog Walker

    My personal experience and that of others with children in the YMCA swimming programs is that when you bring an issue to the YMCA CEO, as she calls herself, you are told that you are absolutely wrong, she is absolutely right, and everything is wonderful.

    She spends most of her time thinking of ways to raise money, when she isn’t buying bicycles, I guess.

    Advise your source that when their son goes to the 24 hour lock down fundraiser next month, they should probably sleep in their clothes with their valuables.

  3. Cos Cobber

    sounds like a steakout is in order. shouldnt take to long then if there really have been 50 thefts. just leave a pile of V.V. clothes and turn on the hidden video. you should have your perp by day two. i wouldnt be surprised to learn the perp is an adult.

  4. anon

    The moral of the story is don’t dress your kids in Vinyard Vines clothes… Not only did that stuff go out of style in the 80’s, it’s tremendously overpriced for what it is – plain and boring

  5. On the outside looking in...

    Always good to know these things especially when you have been thinking that you live in the perfect town.

  6. w b h

    This is clearly a leadership issue. The ‘CEO’ (perhaps an executive director) who likely reports to the board seems to have a problem.

    The pool at the Stamford Y was closed a while ago. Insurance inspectors visited routinely, found the lifeguard on duty derelict in her duties, gave the Y a warning.

    Some weeks later, the insurance company’s reps returned for another visit. Same lifeguard. Same dereliction. Pool closed. Indefinitely. I canceled my membership.

    So where was the leadership of the Stamford Y — her boss? Why wasn’t the lifeguard put on notice (maybe she was, but just thought … well, it’s futile to speculate on what’s going on in someone’s head).

    But, it’s a ‘command’ issue, the top leadership has to set the tone.

    Whatever happened to the concepts of responsibility and accountability: so conspicuously absent these days? Folks just don’t care. It’s very sad, and does not bode well for our collective futures.

  7. LLS 2

    ummm, maybe your reader should invest in a cheap lock to deter theft. try leaving a bike unattended and see what happens.

    it would be nice to think that one doesn’t need such devices when they live the good life in greenwich connecticut. but sadly there are degenerates and thieves everywhere.

  8. ches

    There simply aren’t enough lockers for all the people using the pool, let alone the rest of the facility (also not enough parking, but that’s another issue). None of the “comments” I have dropped into the suggestion box have ever been answered – there must have been at least 10 of them in the past year. Does anybody there care?

  9. LLS 2

    shirley you can’t be serious

    leave bags in the pool area and not in the locker room then .

  10. Hu Nhu?

    This woulda never happened in the era of the Village People…………

  11. Twisted Brit

    I have to weigh in on this one! The Y is indeed a den of thieves. Over this last winter I had a pair of rather nice UGG snow boots stolen from a locker in the family changing room. After a thorough search of the place – I re-visited 4 days in a row, (so fond I was of these boots), they still didn’t show. I did however find a long lost pair of one son’s swim jammers in the depths of the cellars in the laundry room – apparently, an unofficial lost property. So if you can be bothered to battle your way into the Y’s inner sanctum, then perhaps your belongings will be found there, but don’t hold your breath.
    So count me as number 51!! Did we count my friend who left a child’s North Face ski jacket unattended for 20 minutes? Number 52.

    Separately, Chris, I think it’s about time you ran an article on the Y’s fund raising efforts. Rebecca’s attempt to ‘fleece’ the highest paying junior members of the Y (Aquatics) for full family membership ($1600/year) in order to swim has left many with a sour taste in their mouths, and many more departing the YM in favor of other options. These athletes already pay thousands of $$ to the YMCA and are now being knocked up for more – or their parents are. But that’s OK, this is only temporary scalping, we are assured, because their annual ‘lock-down’ – (that doesn’t refer to the teak furniture sitting outside on the terrace unused) is targeting a further $250K – Four generous donors apparently match every $1 every kid raises – so that bails them out of the $1m deficit before the loan sharks come in for the kill. Either way, the concept of a lock-down, (that’s not just your valuables – or snow boots incidentally) an overnight one at that, sounds scary to me. But I’m not hardened to prison tactics to make me cough up, although this is apparently what the Y are now having to do. Lock ’em in, Lock ’em down, Cough it Up.

    Let’s face it, when an organization is clearly so incredibly inept at managing their funds, who, in their right minds would give willingly?

  12. Alex

    creped out in Greenwich Y

    On August 3rd, after a swim at the Y and before a steam sauna I was in the shower with the curtain half open. Being of modest nature I had my bathing suit, mostly on, thank god, as in walks and stands a black man until I yelled, get out of here, ..I went to run into the lobby to tell Bobby, but the housekeeper was stacking towels and I asked her to go tell Bobby at the Front Desk that that a Black man just walked into the ladies room to go tell Front Desk so that he does not inflict any harm on woman and children in the premises.
    As I left I for the day I told the front desk person, a lady now and asked if she thought the housekeeper understood me and she said she would have, and said thank you for telling me….
    Later I thought why the hell did I not run into the lobby, shampoo and all, myself…..

  13. Old School Grump

    If I still lived in Greenwich and still used the Y, I’d be interested in looking at a comprehensive list of the items reported stolen. If they’re all along the lines of Vineyard Vines items and Uggh boots — i.e., clothing items that are associated with people who have money but that really aren’t of fence-able value, like a leather jacket or Louis Vuitton accessory would be — I’d figure it was a group of kids out to prove something among themselves. Probably not hard to suss out, if you’re motivated, which the Y’s administration clearly is not.

  14. Best go to Target

    I must say that this report distinctly sounds like my own children’s experience at the “club for children” in central Greenwich.

    We have lost so many things there, including;
    1. Brand new dress from Target
    2. Brand new gold shoes in box from Target
    3. Numerous amounts of money on different occasions.

    At this “club for children”, there are no lockers just cubby’s and the staff are equally unemotional on reports of disappearing items.

    Moral of the story –
    1. Beat your children if they leave brand new outfits in cubby’s
    2. Don’t give your children any money
    3. Put it down to an extra cost of using a public facility
    4. Children will always be children
    5. Telling Chris about a ‘new phenomenon’ occurring in Greenwich indicates that you are not a loyal follower of the antics of the Fountain boys circa 1974.

    Astounding that a recent 50 people actually bother to call the police for locker room theft?!! Pick up your feet and vote with them.

    Dreadful. Safety is a pre-requisite to entering any sports complex.

  15. fred

    dress ur teenage son in vineyard vines?

  16. Anonymous

    YMCA: Internet rumor on rash of locker-room thefts unfounded
    Debra Friedman, Staff Writer
    Published: 07:34 p.m., Friday, September 24, 2010

    Responding to a rumor circulating around the local blogosphere about a rash of locker-room thefts at the Greenwich Family YMCA, President and Chief Executive Rebecca Fretty said Friday the information is incorrect.

    The issue came about earlier this week when a blog posting detailed an anonymous letter that said there have been 50 locker-room thefts in the past several months. The author stated that after his or her son’s Vineyard Vines belt was stolen from the locker room, an unnamed police officer told them it was his 50th larceny report taken from the YMCA, according to the posting.

    Fretty said the blog posting was brought to her attention, but after looking into the matter, she found there was no evidence to back it up.

  17. Got a Life to Live

    Why not teach your child to lock up his belongings and not leave it lying around. I hope everyone here has learned their lesson, you are not at home, this isn’t your living room or your bedroom, put your things away and lock it up for god’s sake. Stop blaming others for poor little rich kid who has lost his vineyard vines clothing….booohooo! It was probably one of his friends who took it anyway.