8:30 – pretty impressive storm overhead here in Riverside. Henry the scaredy cat has hidden himself in my attic.


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8 responses to “Lightning!

  1. Cobra

    It was crazy here up near the Merritt, as well. I stood under the deck awning, for about 20 minutes enjoying the display of lightning and rain. I even put O’Reilly on hold while I took in nature’s light show. Like a flashback.

  2. Stump

    Thank goodness for the generator!

  3. dogwalker

    It was beautiful! I haven’t seen a display like that in ages! (The dog doesn’t like it though; doesn’t get to walk.)

  4. Anonymous

    Great light show here in mid-country, just a few off-and-on-again blips of the power, none long enough for the generator to kick in. But whenever it blips even for a few seconds, I still flash on that deal last March when we were out for seven full days.

  5. Stump

    Power’s still out here (near Burning Tree CC) almost nine hours later, and CL&P is giving no estimates as to when it will be restored. Their service just keeps getting worse. They sure sell a lot of generators.

  6. Pecksland

    Pine trees clogging the roads-no wires down

  7. Lisa

    This lightning was not at all fun when you are driving home in it at the height of the storm. Constant flashing and thunder, actual jagged bolts right next to you, wind blowing, rain, branches and trees down on the roads…..a terrifying 20 minutes. Why are all of our storms of the freaky variety lately, instead of a good basic soaking rain?