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Milton Friedman: there’s no need to throw the bums out

He was quite right, on reflection. Politicians are whores who will vote in any way that they think will get them re-elected. So we have to change the electorate, not the cast of criminal currently in place.


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Has a cyber worm been sent to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program?

That’s the fascinating theory floating around among security experts, who speculate that either the U.S. or Israel is behind the attack. Life is certainly becoming stranger than science fiction.

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Where’s John Bolton when we need him?

Ahmadinejad  to UN: 9/11 attack product of United States conspiracy. Oliver Stone and millions of Demmerkrats agree.


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What about Mongolian Idiots?

Congress cures mental retardation by banning the term and substituting “persons with intellectual disabilities” therefor. That’ll learn ’em.


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How slow is the Greenwich real estate market?

Very. Sixteen contracts on single family homes so far this month, compared with thirty-five during the same period last year and forty-two in 2005. Even 2008 saw nineteen contracts, and that was when the world was falling apart. I find this rather ominous.


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A couple of sales

6 Hendrie Avenue, in Riverside, sold for $1.439 million, after asking $1.895 back in ’08. I’m a little surprised that it fetched as much as it did, but Riverside does draw higher prices. Assessment is $1.124.

UPDATE: a realtor who should know reports that the sales price was $1.399 – Raveis will correct on Monday.

228 Stanwich, new construction, sold for $3.740, just about its asking price. That should encourage builders.


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If there was ever an argument for the death penalty, here it is

Twitter feed from the Hayes’ Cheshire murder trial. What these two men did to the Petit family is so unbearably horrendous that it forces me to rethink my opposition to the death penalty. Life imprisonment without parole has always seemed to me to be enough retribution – in fact, I literally believe it to be a fate worse than death – but maybe we need a way to  express our revulsion of people like this. Still, if we go that way, death by lethal injection seems far too kind. Hayes would have to be drawn and quartered for full justice to be done, and that’s probably not where we should go.


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India blows the Commonwealth Games

The entire event is in jeopardy because nothing is ready. Corrupt politicians, equally corrupt contractors, shoddy materials and workmanship, it runs the gamut and exposes India for what it is: a failed country. In fact, the whole farce reminds me of the failed Mexican mines in Atlas Shrugged. You can pretend all you like but, sooner or later, the laws of physics will bring you down.


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Throughout Connecticut, cops rejoice

Dunkin Donuts coming to I-95 and the Merritt Parkway.


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Good gracious, Fudrucker could have me arrested!

Not Chris Fountain

Idiot released on bond.

“At no point did it say `I’m going to kill the president,’ ” Farricker said. “It was just a screed against Obama and the Democrats.”

The writings also complained about “socialists and fascists,” according to Farricker. “There was a lot of apocalyptic language,” said Farricker. Many of the writings were in the margins of the paper, he said.

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