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Go Sox!

7 -3 , Bosox Yankees tonight. 10- 8, Bosox, yesterday. Can you say, “2004”?


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This gets funnier with each cycle

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay..."

Every twenty years or so the fashion industry discovers outdoor wear and dresses up poofter models in the stuff. The mandala has turned again, and the boys are back. Those of us who actually, in the Wall Street Journal’s words, lobster, fish and hunt just keep on wearing the same stuff because it works. So next year, we’ll have the same clothes we’ve been wearing for thirty years. The Nancy Boys will have an entirely useless wardrobe.


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Cool – cyber war against Iran

Following up on Thursday’s post, there’s this: 30,000 Iranian computers infected.

Stuxnet, which was first publicly identified several months ago, is aimed solely at industrial equipment made by Siemens that controls oil pipelines, electric utilities, nuclear facilities and other large industrial sites. While it is not clear that Iran was the main target — the infection has also been reported in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and elsewhere — a disproportionate number of computers inside Iran appear to have been struck, according to reports by computer security monitors.

The virus does not spread through the Internet but requires a USB drive to be physically plugged into the computer, allowing it to attack machines that are disconnected from the Internet, usually in an effort to protect them. That requires human access to the affected systems.

How did we (or Israel) get to 30,000 computers?


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Jibes with my own experience


SCIENCE: Study: Men Don’t Notice Women’s Shoes Or Handbags. Of course not — those are for impressing other women.

I don’t believe I’ve noticed a woman’s shoes or handbag ever – not once.


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But obviously, these aren’t real jobs

One hundred thousand will lose their jobs next week when Stimulus funds expire. Of course I feel for these folks, but how long can we subsidize non-jobs?


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Turns out, those Christian Scientists were on to something

Mammograms not as effective as thought.


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Does this make any kind of sense?

Connecticut taxpayers pay far more to the federal government that the state gets back, so news that we have received a federal grant of $2 million for beetle control and forest fire prevention doesn’t stir my bones. If we kept the money here in the first place we, or Hartford, could decide how to spend it, rather than the goons down in D.C. Sure, we have goons in Hartford, but they’re our goons.

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