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Interesting peek into the mindset of the Times Square bomber

He’s to be sentenced soon. When he pled guilty last June he said he’d like to “plead guilty 100 times” and blamed it all on the United States for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and drones. Fine, but check out this quote:

The video depicts Mr. Shahzad firing a machine gun in what appears to be the mountains of Pakistan, prosecutors said. He announces that he has met leaders of the Pakistani Taliban, and that “we have decided that we are going to raise an attack inside America.”

“I have been trying to join my brothers in jihad ever since 9/11 happened,” he is shown saying later.

We attacked those countries after 9/11. Like his Palestinian friends, this asshole spent that dreadful day celebrating. Hang him high.


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JP Morgan – Chase suspends foreclosures, joining GMAC

Again, phony documents, just like (US taxpayer owned) GMAC. Eventually, this is going to catch up with all the big lenders, I would think. And then what? Maybe another year or two before it’s straightened out? Such a moratorium might give time for the market to recover a bit and lift underwater homeowners closer to the surface, or, more likely, it will just prolong the inventory clearance that I think is necessary for prices to recover. Well, we’ll see.


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Crime wave in Riverside!

"Please return my bicycle"


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A contract

56 West Brother Drive

Listed at $3.850 in July, under contract as of yesterday, so presumably close to asking price. Assessment is $2.570. Milbrook has never been my cup of tea, but this one is on the pond and was renovated in 2006, so if you like this sort of thing, probably not a bad buy.


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Where was this when I was ten?

Bicycle comes with flamethrowers and ejection seat.


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Burn baby, burn!

Town buries a 30,000 gallon cistern up on King Street to provide a water source for fire fighting. Makes sense to me.  But “[l] ast year, the department was working with Conyers Farm to install a cistern near that development on Lower Cross Road. However, some residents did not want the cistern on their property, according to Fronio.”

I hope the fireman just sit out the next fire up there.


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It’s good to be king

417 Field Point Rd


This lovely home on Field Point, renovated, on 2 acres with pool and tennis court that was listed at $11 million by a noted realtor back in 2007, rumored to have been sold to that very same realtor last week  for $6,496,875. Nice work if you can get it.


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Here’s a story I missed before

Obama, at behest of the NEA, revoked 216 scholarships for black kids that would have permitted them to attend the very privates schools the President sends his own daughters to and which yesterday he admitted were far superior to D.C. public schools. Fortunately for Sasha and Malia, their daddy has the money to send them to Sidwell, without help.


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Now it’s the Governor’s race that’s tied

Foley within three points of Malloy, which is the same margin polled in the Senate race yesterday. Unlike my antipathy for AG Blumenthal, I like Dan Malloy and I think he did a good job running Stamford. I have the feeling it’s a “throw the bums out” thing going on here. Interesting.


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