A contract

56 West Brother Drive

Listed at $3.850 in July, under contract as of yesterday, so presumably close to asking price. Assessment is $2.570. Milbrook has never been my cup of tea, but this one is on the pond and was renovated in 2006, so if you like this sort of thing, probably not a bad buy.


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7 responses to “A contract

  1. David

    Curious about your anti-Milbrook feeling. Seems like it would appeal to your general sensibilities: very cohesive community (has a nice club that most residents belong to and is the center of activity), some houses on the water, large lake accessible to all residents (ice skating in winter, kayak/canoes in summer), centrally located (5 minute walk to the high school, 15 minute walk to Greenwich Avenue), tennis courts, pool, and golf course right in the middle of everything. What other area in Greenwich has all of those things, and at pretty reasonable prices?

  2. Patrick

    Highway noise….lots of highway noise….

  3. reply for david

    Millbrook and West Brother area-it is just fake Khakum Woods with lots of bugs-the area is downstream from ghs pond..neighborhood is harshly seen as place where everyone just putting up with the jones ..besides our overpaid hospital chief of staff dr. molelandelli and other docs lives here too so there goes the neighborhood. many hospital workers would love to live there too however but greenwich hospital keeps eyeing more job cuts.

  4. Cat

    agree…. the Highway noise is unbearable

  5. Cos Cobber

    I’ve always liked Milbrook for all the reasons David cited. Yes there is highway noise, but its reflected in the price point of many of the homes affected by the noise.

  6. Patrick

    “reply for David” – having dr. molelandelli or other doctors in your neighborhood is not the end of the world…we’re not talking the unibomber here…and having been the victum of layoffs recently myself, it’s an unfortunate part of the world we live in….life is unfair…we can’t all live in Belle Haven, Round Hill or for that matter Millbrook….

  7. captmidnight

    I lived in Milbrook for 25 years. I never noticed any highway noise. The highway only effects a few homes on Wildwood, Orchard and the end of Woodside and as someone previously posted, those houses are priced accordingly. Then there are a few houses that front the Post Road, but the majority are very nice quiet homes, on lakes, golf course holes or other quiet areas.
    You don’t get much land, and the houses are close together, like Riverside and Old Greenwich, but you can’t beat the proximity to Greenwich, Cos Cob, shopping, schools and train stations. It was a very nice, friendly neighborhood to grow up in and everybody knew everybody. I delivered the Greenwich Time door to door (for the price of 60 cents a week, no weekend editions back then) for 5 years so I knew EVERYBODY.
    Like the rest of Greenwich a lot has changed. New money nouveau riche moved in and changed a lot of the homes and the character of the neighborhood, but that has happened everywhere in Greenwich. It’s definitely not the quiet, friendly, get to know your neighbors and go visit them kind of town it used to be. Now people hide behind huge stone walls and remote controlled gates, with huge deer fences running the entire perimeter. “Come over and visit” has been replaced by “No trespassing, this is my giant house and look how important I am, I need a barrier around my fortress, to keep animals and people out…” Milbrook hasn’t quite fallen prey to that spectacle yet but it’s clearly changed a lot over the years. But I still love it and recommend it to people who are looking for that kind of unique experience close to town.