Interesting peek into the mindset of the Times Square bomber

He’s to be sentenced soon. When he pled guilty last June he said he’d like to “plead guilty 100 times” and blamed it all on the United States for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and drones. Fine, but check out this quote:

The video depicts Mr. Shahzad firing a machine gun in what appears to be the mountains of Pakistan, prosecutors said. He announces that he has met leaders of the Pakistani Taliban, and that “we have decided that we are going to raise an attack inside America.”

“I have been trying to join my brothers in jihad ever since 9/11 happened,” he is shown saying later.

We attacked those countries after 9/11. Like his Palestinian friends, this asshole spent that dreadful day celebrating. Hang him high.


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12 responses to “Interesting peek into the mindset of the Times Square bomber

  1. anonymous

    I think you mean “Pakastani”, not “Palestinian”.

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Bullet in the head.


  3. g w chase

    Time to show Mr. Shahzad the downside of waging war – high and soon.
    Interesting that what they call war, civilized people call a sneak attack.

  4. Anonymous

    Islam is not a religion, and it most certainly is not “a religion of peace.”

    Islam is a theo-political movement masquerading as a religion.

  5. EOS

    The article says the judge can impose mandatory life imprisonment. Is there no option for the chair? I’m incensed that I might have to pay for this guy to eat three meals a day in a clean federal prison. He doesn’t deserve such luxury.

  6. HG

    Put me down for the same peek into his mind as the Duke of Deception is recommending. The kind of peek you get from an entrance and or exit wound in his head.

  7. EOS

    Two other people on this earth should be hung – the Rutgers duo who posted video of their classmate.. so traumatized, he jumped off the GWB. My heart aches for the family of the boy who killed himself. I haven’t thought of much else today, so sad at the loss of such a young and talented person. What has our crazy YouTube world come to?

  8. HG

    Actually, the Rutgers voyeurs should be sentenced to have the rest of their lives–all of it including showers, bathroom, romantic encounters–broadcast via webcam.

  9. EOS

    excellent HG, excellent!