It’s good to be king

417 Field Point Rd


This lovely home on Field Point, renovated, on 2 acres with pool and tennis court that was listed at $11 million by a noted realtor back in 2007, rumored to have been sold to that very same realtor last week  for $6,496,875. Nice work if you can get it.


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6 responses to “It’s good to be king

  1. EOS

    We were at an outdoor party a few weeks back on Field Point Road. If you think 309 Round Hill Road has noise from the Merritt, some houses on Field Point have deafening noise from I-95. I wonder how far down on FPR one has to be not to hear those trucks jake brake. Depend on the direction of the wind?

  2. realtors scoop the public

    realtors sing the same song daily, who cares about the average millionaire? let me get my sweet deals.

  3. Anonymous

    He has been living there all summer!!

  4. Jane

    Brother Gideon?

  5. kidding really?

    What what a bird told me – that real estate person came in after a deal fell apart and paid the same amount as the buyer who walked away. It’s a very fair deal for all. Good for him.

  6. anonymous

    Interesting that the listing agent did not suggest that the owner lower their already high price down 1 million to get slightly more than they accepted.
    where is the fiduciary responsiblity to the client?