Ah, petty bureaucrats!

These people should work at the airports. Medal of Honor winner and the 10-year-old grandson of another denied admission to the White House because of lack of security clearance for the first and violation of dress code for the boy. Especially when they’d been invited to visit. You might think that a Medal of Honor winner who went on to work for the FBI isn’t much of a security threat and a 10-year-old wearing a tee shirt with a picture of his Medal of Honor winning grandfather could be given a waiver but then, you don’t work for the federal government. President Obama, by the way, was out of town.


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6 responses to “Ah, petty bureaucrats!

  1. EOS

    Call me old fashioned but who would think it’s okay to go to the White House in shorts and a t-shirt, ESPECIALLY with the hopes of meeting the President? Yes, it’s sad they were shuffled off to Buffalo or not given a change of clothes, but hellloooooo, shorts and a t-shirt? C’mon.

    • EOS, the article says they did check beforehand about a dress code and were told there wasn’t one. Turned there isn’t for the East Wing but for the West Wing, there is. Still doesn’t explin why the FBI medal winner was excluded.

  2. Peg

    I thought this story quite sad. How do you explain this to a kid? How do you treat a Medal of Honor winner this way?

  3. EOS

    I saw that part of the article but I don’t understand why, if they fully hoped to meet the president, they didn’t at least think, mmmm, shorts to shake hands with Barack, maybe not. I agree that being excluded was wrong. I guess I’m simply tired of being surrounded by people who think shorts and a tee are appropriate for everything – airplanes, dinner, movies. I sat next to a woman last week on a plane who had shorts on and had huge open scabs all up and down her leg. I was so grossed out I couldn’t think straight. It’s all part of the Great Dumbing Down of America.

    [Rain coming down in sheets since before 6am. Phone lines out since last night. My patio chairs are now down by the pool. Schools delayed two-hours. Even Metro North is not running on or close to schedule, Now that’s a storm!]

  4. HG

    If the grandfather was wearing the light blue pip in his lapel–maybe you still don’t bend your security rules–but you salute him, you handle him with kid gloves, you make sure he feels the gratitude of the people in the “people’s house.”

  5. boredatwork

    Have to agree with EOS – it really is what some people wear in certain situations these days (bah humbug).

    Incidentally, we lost power at 4.45am, still not back as at 12.15. Ah, the joys of living in backcountry. Thank God for my generator.