Are hedge funders still contributing to Obama? Not in Greenwich.

Or so says Teri Buhl in her Forbes blog today.


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11 responses to “Are hedge funders still contributing to Obama? Not in Greenwich.

  1. HG
    CF, here we have Senator Al Franken (no three words bother me more) saying we need to investigate Ally Financial for misconduct in foreclosing on homes. Ally Financial is owned by the US government. Franken is quoted saying he wants employees of Ally to be held responsible for any criminal misconduct. I am starting to get confused now that the government owns so much stuff. Is Franken going to investigate senior management of Ally and does that mean Geithner and Obama?

    Separately, doesn’t the government own AIG and just sold their downtown NYC buildings for $100 per square foot while at the same time the government is developing the so-called Freedom Tower at a (budgeted) cost of $1,200 a foot just a few hundred yards away? (Freedom from what…rationality?)

    Also, isn’t the government selling its Citibank stock cheap at the exact same time the government’s GM subsidiary bought Americredit at a premium, which is in similar businesses as Citi?

    Please, please can I get on the other side of the government on some of these deals. The American voter is such an easy mark.

  2. This is getting a bit too circular for me.

    Teri gets it from FWIW as a “popular blog.”

    FWIW gets it from Teri.

    Could we have a bit of confirmation bias at work here?

    Thanks, CF, for putting me on to this one:

  3. EOS

    Teri, Woman to woman, I’m miffed at the photo of yourself on your blog page. IMO, it has more of a Facebook “Back from Cancun” look than than that of a Forbes financial reporter. Golly, we woman have to work so much harder to be taken seriously. No guy is going to tell you to change it. Just saying…………

  4. Teri Buhl

    So I’m still looking for a hedge fund manager to admit he’s giving to Obama. If you hear of one , I’ll update my story. (Soros doesn’t count)

  5. Come on CF-

    I drove through 18 hours of solid storms to get to the outskirts of Disney World at Fuddruckers – Orlando. The pictures tell the story.

    If you wanted me to eat some cow after two years of vegetarian regimen- save for your deer jerky, sorry, I just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it to my stomach and my honor, even for you.

    The review: Don’t try the above. I only wanted a cup of coffee. The senseless kid at the counter said, “Oh. I guess we’re out. I’ll make you a pot.”

    We drove on without waiting.

    The bathrooms were nice. The burgers seemed to live up to their claims.

    I can no longer eat beef in the US in good conscience. Argentina – that’s another story.

  6. Anonymous

    Commie hedgies tend to reside/work in maximal tax, yet mysteriously decrepit NYC

  7. Where’s Hiram? There’s a rather unfortunate typo in Teri’s last paragraph.

    And, Teri, please, no need for a formal photo. The one you have is fine by me.

  8. Walt

    Dudester –
    So you finally popped Ms. McBeal, it would appear? Good for you!! It looks like she has some pretty decent sized fun bags!! And a potty mouth. She says “shit” in the next to last sentence. Don’t you love it when they talk dirty to you? I know you do. Me too.

    But when did this blog become popular? I am still pretty sure it’s me, you, Hiram, a ton of fake, dull boring posts by Hiram under a different name, and a few stragglers. Anyways.
    Your Pal,

  9. Teri Buhl

    Well I thought I’d corrected that typo within the 1st 15 mins of publishing but clearly not. Oh well… I guess it shows it’s hard not to think ‘s**t’ when I’m writing about how most people I speak with think about Obama.

  10. Peg

    CF, here we have Senator Al Franken (no three words bother me more)

    HG – you think you are bothered by these words…. I have to admit that – some how, some way – these three words refer to a senator representing MY state! Ugh; the agony of it all….