I thought I was kidding when I posted on the Riverside crime wave

In response to my earlier posting of a forlorn sign at the Riverside Railroad station bike rack, a reader has offered to send along a report detailing 75 break ins at the station in the past 90 days.* Could this possibly be correct? I seem to recall that the police were going to set up a chart on their website marking crimes. Anyone know if they ever did?

* turns out the reader was referring to car break ins all over Riverside, not just the station


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5 responses to “I thought I was kidding when I posted on the Riverside crime wave

  1. Front Row Phil

    What the heck is there to swipe from an empty train station? Maybe people desperately needed the bathroom.

  2. So Greenwich

    While you have your Law & Order hat on, can you check w/ the fine detectives at the Gwich PD to see if the YMCA story is true or not. The G’wich Time tells me it is not but a friend checked w/ the police herself (after I shared your blog w/ her) and they support the fact that there have indeed been many items taken at the YMCA. Seems a rash of crime…perhaps Riverside folk at the YM too?

    • The cops deny anything like 50 thefts this year but I do hear there have a lot of them. The place will probably be shut down by its creditors soo so that should end locker thefts. No lockers, no thefts! One way to take a bite out of crime.

  3. Anonymous

    Chris, the earlier post about cars being broken into in the south of the train station portions of Riverside was referring to cars in driveways and parked in front of homes, a separate matter from the train station break-ins.