No oil drilling in the Gulf – by “Big Oil”.

Feds issue new drilling regulations but continue the moratorium

On the other hand, Cuba is gearing up to explore for oil fifty miles from Florida, and Mexico’s already pumping oil further west. So who’s this helping? Or hurting?


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2 responses to “No oil drilling in the Gulf – by “Big Oil”.

  1. The Times link fails to mention that the west coast of Florida has very shallow water from Key West north, extending offshore more than the width of the Florida peninsula itself to a depth of only 300 ft.

    Cuba on the other hand is perched over a deep ocean trench. So the depths offshore fall rapidly to 7000 ft. Not a friendly environment for the “nascent” industry there.

    To the credit of the Cubans, they are advanced in extraction of energy from OTEC – Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, which relies on a 25-plus degree difference between the surface and a depth of 400 ft.

    BTW- we saw Oliver Stone’s latest and greatest (since “El Salvador) last night – the Wall Street Sequel. If we’re adding movie reviews as well as restaurant reviews to the blog, I’ll provide one.

    The screen play mixes up OTEC with fusion power, but gets one aspect right – the oceans are the answer to future energy needs. Not touched upon was the investment opportunities at sea to solve the climate change problem with ocean flora. Maybe Kevin Costner is already working on that one.

  2. HG

    The reason, of course, that President Obama won’t end the moratorium any time soon is because he has no balls. That’s right. He is ball-less. See, you can blame things the first time they happen on your watch on the last guy…it’s ball-less, but you can get away with it. Once you formulate your nice new rules, if an accident happens, now its your fault. It is doubly your fault if you just spent months saying that the only reason the BP spill occurred was negligence of the (previous) White House. I hope to god this guy gets at least a little better.