Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold 12 points behind

Oh please, oh please? I don’t know anything about the candidate running against him, but he’ll be an improvement.


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10 responses to “Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold 12 points behind

  1. Inagua

    Feingold had three big votes — the Iraq War, TARP, and ObamaCare. He got two out of three right, which is better than most Republicans. There are many worse Senators.

  2. Inagua

    Feingold is a committed socialist and I abhor everything he advocates. But Senators do not get to impose their preferences on us, so what they advocate is not the best way to judge them. It is better to judge them is on the very few really big votes that matter. And my this measure, Feingold was okay — against the War in Iraq; against TARP; but in favor of ObamaCare. No Senaror was right on all three, and most Rebublicans got two out of three wrong.

  3. Anonymous

    Barry went to UW – Madison to rally the base and all he brought for Russ Feingold was the Obama endorsement curse.

    photos of crowds at the rally? there’s more diversity at a tea party gathering.


  4. xyzzy

    Ron Johnson seems like a pretty good choice. Go to his web page and look at the whiteboard ad. its pretty good.


  5. FlyAngler


    What I can’t help but wonder is whether there are some races considered non-contests that may shock people come Election Day?

    Dick Morris says there are 100 House races where there is no polling data because they are considered “done deals”. But after Scott Brown win and Sid’s collapse in the polls, can any race considered “done” in these stange times?

    That it can be suggested that Barney Feank may be a bit nervous and calling in Bill Clinton indicates something…..

  6. Peg

    I’ll believe that cheeseheads aren’t gonna send Feingold back to Washington when I see it!

  7. uncle curly

    When Barry went to Univ of Wisc to campaign for Feingold, Feingold stayed away and blew Barry off.

  8. JRH

    Chris, I would think Feingold is a Dem you could learn to respect, if not admire. He’s the single most independent member of the caucus in the Senate, and routinely votes against his party’s leadership — and has from when he was first elected in 1992.

    He’s a strong supporter of gun rights, and even wrote his college thesis on the individual right to bear arms. He was the only Democrat in the Senate to vote to convict Clinton. He routinely votes against Democratic budget bills, and has taken on Big Ag farm subsidies — no easy feat for a midwesterner.

    I know you hate anyone with a D after their name, but if you’re looking for a partisan shill, Russ Feingold is most definitely not your guy.

  9. Anonymous

    Uncle curly, it was announced that Feingold wouldn’t be there because of his duties in D.C.

    I suspect he was strong armed by leadership to put in some face time, they rescheduled the two votes due that day to the beginning of the session (instead of late afternoon) so that he had time to both vote and hot foot it back to cheese land* in time for the rally.

    *No offense intended, I know some lovely people who live in Wisco.