Funny stuff: kid conservatives vs. aging rocker/politicians

Orelans band leader John Hall (“Dance with Me”) retired from rocking and went off to Washington. Now he’s suing some kids who have taken his old tune, changed the lyrics and issued a video that supports his opponent. The times, they are  changing.

Reader Richard F sent along the video:


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7 responses to “Funny stuff: kid conservatives vs. aging rocker/politicians

  1. EOS

    Hall is a whiny sniveling man and one of the worst congressmen Westchester has had in recent memory. He’s all about his image as a former rock star. Hall knows he’s going to get his butt whooped by Nan Hayworth (who is fabulous!) so he’s creating some publicity for himself by this stupid lawsuit. I can’t wait until he’s a former representative!! New Yorkers: Vote early and often!

  2. Fred2

    Funny and clever.

    +1 kids

  3. Hall recently sued to have Hayworth removed from the Independence Party line, which gave him 10% or his votes when he was elected. The suit was baseless and was dismissed:

    It looks like fear and desperation are the ruling progressive principles at Halls campaign HQ.

    Good bye John.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    A little Hokey fer shur… but the message is on point, the irony is tasty, and his suit is groundless in as much as this seems firmly rooted in the fair use doctrine as parody.

  5. No worries mate

    The first version sucked, only slight less than this one. Get a life Hall…you’re about to have one. Note to fellow Fountaineers, november is coming, don’t forget to take out the trash. And by No means, please don’t recycle.

  6. aliprowl

    Hey Mr. Hall – here’s your hat – what’s your hurry? He can’t depart fast enough for my taste. It was a very telling moment at a Town Hall about a year ago, when he was asked at what point would he vote the wishes of his constituents instead of his own personal desires, and he refused to acknowledge that he votes his own far left personal agenda every time. As insane as Westchester politics are, his district leans slightly right. (He would not have been elected, but for the completely inept Sue Kelly campaign.) November can’t come fast enough. Nice to see that young people are not all in the tank for Obama as the MSM would have us believe.

  7. Aliprowl, my wife, a lifelong democrat is going to vote for Hayworth. That’s saying something.