Go Twins!

BoSox whup Yankees, deprive them of division title Next stop, Minnesota.


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7 responses to “Go Twins!

  1. EOS

    Who cares about the RedSox or the Yankees? It’s all about the Phillies. Got StubHub seats for 10/08 playoff game @ PHL. RedSox and Yankees are wannabes to my beloved Phillies. Second best reason to go to PHL is to sidle up to the Geno’s steak sandwich window. Lots of cheese and smothered in onions. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. founding father

    The Yankees have wrapped up the pre-season,and are heading to Minnesota for opening day. The Red Sox are phoning up for Tee times.

  3. Peg

    If you’re in MN, give me a buzz and I’ll give you a tour!

  4. Peg

    Oh Chris; you gotta wait a few more weeks before we have snow here 🙂

    Actually – spectacularly beautiful right now. Got a tree right outside my window that is utterly brilliant!

  5. Deb Haws

    Peg! I am a long-time CT gal from MN. Am spending the week in the Twin Cities w/my mother & sibs, leaving Tuesday the 12th. Have followed my fellow libertarian CF for a couple of years, enjoying reading his view of the change in our market, esp since I, as a Realtor working further NE into Fairfield County, experienced his pain 2-3 years earlier than Greenwich hit the wall…and we shared the same view of market dynamics and behavior. Are you doing an open house this weekend? Or looking for a glass of wine?