Greenwich Demmerkrats still love their boys

Steven Mandel (Lone Pine Capital) up on John Street is dumping tons of money on Obummer, as is radiation oncologist and Riverside resident Daniel Fass. Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes ….


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4 responses to “Greenwich Demmerkrats still love their boys

  1. EOS

    wasn’t teri buhl saying just the opposite in her last article in forbes? seems to me she asked readers to send her names of hedgies to give to obama. i suggest you get your bird dog fee upfront, then send her this link.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy enough to be a benevolent G550 commie after one has made one’s billions in various tax-efficient offshore structures

    Sort of like how Billy and Warren sanctimoniously lecture others about charity and taxes, yet don’t voluntarily write a big ole check to Treasury to assuage their various guilt issues for peddling crappy software (via a monopoly) or making world obese (and thereby offloading healthcare costs on US taxpayer)

  3. Teri Buhl

    EOS – read the Mirror story – we only see one hedige, Mandel at Lone Pine, give to Dems and he won’t admit if any of the money went to Obama or comment on the record if he supports Obama. The point of my Forbes story was very few hedgies are giving to Obama now (in last few months) and if they do they won’t talk about it like they did in 08.

    Also note the hedgie Cliff Ashness, of Greenwich, gave $130k to Republicans and he is vocal about who he’s supporting in his investor letters.

  4. EOS

    Thanks Teri.
    PS: link your FWIW moniker to your blog then we can click right then and there. OK?