It’s not the broker

396 Round Hill Rd

This very nice Kaali-Negy house has been kicking around since at least 2005, when it was listed for sale at $10.9 million. Since then it’s gone up ($11.5, in ’08) down ($7.95 in ’09) and into and out of the care of several brokers. Today it’s marked down to $6.995, and perhaps that will do it. Assessment is $6.


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2 responses to “It’s not the broker

  1. Anonymous

    I remember walking through the house late in the construction phase and admiring the workmanship and materials (not uncommon for a Kaali-Nagy project), but the topography on Round Hill was an issue.

    I guess that’s what happens at the tail end of bull markets. Even good builders start compromising on the lot and assume a greater fool will come along. He did the same thing in New Canaan, shoehorning a large house into a lot with inadequate frontage and it still sits (at $6,495,000), down from $8,495,000.

  2. On the outside

    Very nice house but when you compare it to what is out there I think it will close at 6.2.