That was quick

10 Spring House Rd

10 Spring House Road, up on the Merritt (corrected) , came on in May asking $8.9 million, dropped to $6.850 and, still finding no buyer, withdrew it from the market today.


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4 responses to “That was quick

  1. bc

    it’s just south of the merrit, off Round Hill.

  2. The Word

    Are you sure about that address, CF? Spring House is the road off of Round Hill, right at exit 28, which takes you into Will Merry. I guess it’s closer to Bedford than, say, Riverside, but not really “close”.

  3. Real Estate Pro

    Maybe they are re-financing which requires a seller to remove a house from the market. Just like the location error – your assumption for the reason for their withdrawal might be wrong. This is how rumors start…Didn’t you promise to be more careful?